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Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
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Apr 16, 08

bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read in April, 2008

First of three books, dealing with half-fae, half-human sisters, living Earthside. Of course, the fae are known on Earth, so they are minor celebrities locally, despite being half-human. This book is told from Camille's POV, who is a rather incompetent witch. Another sister is a were-cat, who turns not only during a full moon, but also during stressful times, and the third sister was turned into a vamp against her will - but it is unclear what her powers were, if any, before that.

All three sisters work for the fae police force, basically, and all have jobs on earth that act as fronts for it - Camille runs a bookstore, Delliah is a private detective, and Menolly works as a bartender. Not quite sure how if Delliah is a private detective and lives with Camille, who allows the local fairy fan club to follow her around and take pictures, this effects Delliahs business, but whatever.

The first book starts with a giant getting murdered, and of course, there ends up being this huge plot that will destroy both the earth and the fae world and ONLY these three bumbling outcasts from both worlds can stop it.

Of course.

Oh I did I mention that the Fae world is falling apart because the Queen and the nobility is addicted to opium? Really! Opium. Because its the FAE and thats the best they can do. Is OPIUM addiction.

Ok, so, anyway, of course, they save everything. But only sort of. At least only sort of enough to guarantee another two books.

Oh, and there is, indeed, a love triangle. Between the (quite literally) tall, dark and handsome - and dangerous; and the "good guy." My god. Imagine that.

And a dragon. And crone in the woods. Can't forget those.

And after all these cliches and every "been there, done that"
plot points, the ultimate problem with the book is that it is flat. The characters are just so...we are talking "balloon with the air let out of them," so that when I started reading the sneak preview of the second book, I had a hard time telling that I had started reading a new book.

Until I went "Oh, her tail is stuck in a burr patch, so I guess this is now the cat, and not the witch, got it!"

So yeah, when I can't tell the difference between the three main characters, its flat. Way flat.

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message 1: by Em (new) - rated it 1 star

Em I gave up by page 40. Is that bad?

Sarah no, you are just obviously smarter and less stubborn then I!

Erin I've been listening to it as an audiobook, and I was thinking it was the narrator. I wish I was less stubborn, because yeah... it is very flat. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between even the male and female characters talking. Just, wow.

message 4: by Sam (new) - rated it 1 star

Sam Couldn't have but it better myself.

message 5: by Sam (new) - rated it 1 star

Sam Couldn't have but it better myself.

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