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Duke of Sin by Adele Ashworth
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Adele Ashworth is a new author to me, and if this book is any indication, she will soon be one of my new favourites. This book has almost everything needed for a perfect historical romance read:

An excellent sense of the era: No wallpaper here! From beautifully detailed descriptions of the Duke's home, their clothing and lifestyle, to the depictions of class differences (for example, the tea served to the heroine when she attends the Duke's residence is "a wonderfully strong Lapsang Souchong. Somewhat unconventional for standard fare, especially when serving to a guest of the lower class.") The distinction between the classes plays a large part in this book.

An excellent Hero: The Duke of Trent resides at his country estate. He is a virtual recluse there, shunned by society after being acquitted of killing his wife. Will is gorgeous, noble and LONELY. A bit tortured too, with a sad, sad history.

A just-as-excellent heroine: Vivian lives in an exile of sorts as well, except hers is of her own making. She lives quietly as a widow in the village of Penzance and makes her living as a florist. Her secret is that she is not a widow at all. Her story is just as sad as Will's.

A scandalous bargain: He has something she needs, she has something he wants. A deal is struck, and the tension and chemistry between the H/h is palpable.

Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry!!!!: And teasing, flirting comments. And funny, sexy pillow talk.

Some excellent steamy bits: WHEW. 'Nuff said.

A bit of intrigue, blackmail and danger: Because you have do SOMETHING other than just have sex, right?

The prettiest declaration of love I've read in quite a while: I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself -- here's part of it, hidden by a spoiler tag. (view spoiler)

It also had a bits and pieces of the following (dammit!), which pulled my rating down:

A few cheesy bits of sexy dialogue: I'm not going to tell you here, you'll know the second you read them which ones they are.

A stupid, contrived misunderstanding + Hero behaving like an asshat: Part of this was necessary to the story, but I'm not sure the rest of it served much purpose other than giving the author an opportunity to introduce her Heroes for the rest of the trilogy. Great couple of guys - they figured out what was going on when the Hero couldn't, and thus saved him from further asshattery.

All in all this was a wonderful book -- I'm keeping it, I'll most likely re-read it, and I'm eagerly anticipating the rest of the series.

(Adele Ashworth also has a decent-sized backlist, which is always good news when you find an new author you like.)
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16.0% "A sinful bargain has just been struck between a Hero suspected of having killed his wife and a heroine who is not what she seems..." 4 comments
43.0% "Like it, like it, like it. What a relief to read something GOOD. :D" 7 comments
78.0% "1 stupid, contrived misunderstanding + 1 Hero behaving like an asshat = Tammy's rating coming down by 1 star. :(" 3 comments
95.0% "OK, Hero saved from total asshattery by his 2 best friends (basis for the next 2 books dontcha know), who figure out what is going on when he can't, AND he redeems himself with the heroine by making the prettiest speech I've read in a while. Tammy's rating comes back up by 1/2 star."

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Denise Is this one looking good? I am about to start it.

Tammy Walton Grant It is, Denise -- I'm really liking it so far. :D

message 3: by Karla (new)

Karla I'm not sure the rest of it served much purpose other than giving the author an opportunity to introduce her Heroes for the rest of the trilogy.

Of course! :P I think I have a couple of her books. Hope they're at least 3 stars.

Tammy Walton Grant Yeah, it wasn't as subtle as it could have been, but I liked her writing. Good luck with them!

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