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Mad Mouse by Chris Grabenstein
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Apr 16, 08

Read in May, 2006

Mad Mouse-5 Paws
Chris Grabenstein
Carroll & Graff Publishers, 2006, 222 pps.
ISBN No. 10-0-78671-760-2

Mad can be defined as mad angry, foolish, insane, wild. Mouse can be defined as a rodent or an electronic device used with a computer. Mad Mouse is also an amusement park ride in the town of Sea Haven, New Jersey. But don’t get in the way of Grabenstein’s Mad Mouse.

Danny Boyle is a part time summer cop with the Sea Haven Police. Danny and his partner John Ceepak were successful in solving the Tilt-A-Whirl murder in Sea Haven last year and Danny has high hopes that he will soon be given a full time position with the local police department.

Danny and his friends head to the beach to celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day and the end of summer. A sniper shooting paint balls interrupts their celebration and one of Danny’s friends is injured but she is not going to be the last victim of this shooter.

As Danny and Ceepak begin investigating they find that the sniper is shooting real bullets as well as paint balls. Danny and his crowd are the ones targeted. Chief Baines is trying his best to keep these incidents under wraps so the tourists won’t panic and leave town before the World’s Biggest Beach Party and Boogaloo BBQ that the town father’s are counting on to bring in a lot of revenue.

The sniper is leaving cards at each scene and finally a note which would indicate the attacks are revenge on Danny and his friends but payback for what is the question and Danny can’t seem to figure out the answer fast enough.

I loved all the characters in Grabenstein’s book Tilt-A-Whirl and as their personalities develop more in this book I like them even better. I would highly recommend Mad Mouse for a book that really grabs you. And I hope this author’s next book will be more of Danny and Ceepak.


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