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Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder
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Sep 12, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, wizard-witch
Read from September 09 to 12, 2011

** spoiler alert ** hmmmmm.... Yelena - jump in first, and let things work themselves out and her studies continue... Yelena has to work out a few more things on her path - she comes to fear letting magic power - that she will want and end up taking more and more, corrupted by the desire for power over humanity; she must face the Fire Warper, imprisoned in the underworld, empowered by the Diviian's sacrifices on his behest, but from whom she cannot hide or protect her family from; learn what in fact a Soulfinder is (and she learns it is not a Soulstealer)...

When Yelena and her brother Leif join Moon Man to track the Diviians, and once again are tricked - she rescues her father from being a victim of the Kirakawa ceremony - a series of more dreadful rituals that include cutting open the victim while still alive and taking ther heart and soul to make the magician more powerful... but is unsuccessful in protecting the Sandseeds from a Diviian attack - most are killed. But they do locate Ferde and Yelena dives into his soul (sees his horrendous youth) and shreds it. They learn that Gede (a warper of great power) and Jad are the true leaders of the Diviians.
And through a series of events that cannot be understood, Cahill returns to be lauded by the council, Marrok (who vassilates between Cahill and Yelena) lies about Yelena & Leif, causing a warrant out for their arrest, and Roze (1st magician) and the council get paranoid about Ixia invading, so they have the other magicians arrested, they allow the Diviians free reign of the Citadel, and then a family member of each counsel member is kidnapped, forcing them to vote in favor of Diviian agenda. Though Yelena & Leif escape to Ixia, Yelena and Valek quickly return to Sitia...

And in the end, we find out that Roze is Jad, peverted by her fear of Ixia - justifying the stealing of souls and lives, is behind the Diviians & the change in the Citadel... And Yelena confronts her fear about the Fire Warper she is willing to sacrifice herself to live with the fire warper forever to keep him from escaping the underworld... and she is empowered by helping souls release to the sky - the magic fabric of the world - she knows the difference between soul finder and soul stealer... and after releasing the souls of those stolen by the warpers, they loose their extra power and Yelena's side defeats them easily - and after a bit, after Yelena has released the good souls from the fire/under world and the shadow world of Moon Man; she figures out how to leave the under/shadow worlds without endangering future generations - using Opal's talent to capture magic in her glass sculptures, she sends the soul into the glass through Opal... so she entraps 7 souls who know how to use the kirakawa/blood magic in glass, then asks Valek to be the one to hide them, and not to tell her about them. And she returns (3 months had passed)...

and she sees souls all around her (living and dead)... and sees that the female part of the Commander of Ixia is in fact his mother, who did not want to leave him at death - and she offers to release his mother's soul if and when he wants - and that is why is fears uncontrolled magic.

And Valek continues to be there for her, though they recognize they have different obligations still... she is the laison between Ixia and Sitia - and they hint that Cahill might be used bythe Commander as he adjusts to the needs of the youth of his kingdom... hmmmm

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