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Touch Me Gently by J.R. Loveless
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I had plenty of issues with this book (most of them small but nevertheless), but I really enjoyed the core of the story so I’m willing to be pretty forgiving. I’m usually kind of prickly, so that’s a good thing I guess…

Kaden was abused when he was younger, and since then he’s had a pathologic fear for big men. At the age of 19 he’s living in New York and has recently been fired from a job, again, after suffering through a panic attack. The man at the job agency takes pity on him and persuades his cousin in Montana to take the boy on as a chef. Kaden leaves the city with trepidation, a feeling that only increases when he sets foot on the ranch with all its big and burly ranch hands. However, his boss, 28-year-old Logan, turns out to be the gentlest man he’s ever met. And his sister, Shea, immediately becomes a close friend. Soon Kaden realizes he’s starting to develop feelings for his boss, and Logan is going through the same realization. They will have to tread carefully though, because Kaden’s trauma makes it difficult to be intimate, but Logan might just be able to heal Kaden with his gentle touch…

This was a really sweet story, and it is hard to resist the tug that Kaden immediately incur on your heart. The relationship between Logan and Kaden is so sweet, and Shea provides a wonderful addition to the family. This on its own makes me love the book.

Then there are the things I found a bit lacking… Kaden’s backstory, as sad as it is, is told in a really crummy way. Kaden’s words feel phony and not credible coming from his mouth, but since they’re put in a monologue it’s not that strange. They are hard to write believably. Logan’s immediate realization that he’s having romantic feelings towards a boy for the very first time also felt a bit…strange…it was far to ‘logic’ and reasoning in my opinion. Then they have sex and he doesn't even go "whoa, man parts" once. Uh huh. Shea’s love story is a thing that could have used a little more ‘showing’ too, that would have made it easier to accept. That she says ‘I love him’, but never actually interacts with the guy on page just makes it feel far too convenient.(view spoiler) The POV changes were also a bit confusing. It seemed like just about anyone could suddenly voice their opinions or feelings trhough the narrative, and it jumped from person to person witout warning. And finally yes, the epilogue – I didn’t like it. I hardly ever do though, so it’s nothing to give much thought to.

The story is also a little predictable, but since a lot of books are that’s not much to word about either. It’ a mostly pleasant read, singed with quite a bit of tension and unease…but it all ends in a sugary love fest so don’t worry. If you’re in the mood for a story where a vulnerable and damaged boy finds his strength in the loving attention of a hunky but sensitive and goodhearted cowboy, this book is perfect for you.

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