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The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair
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Sep 06, 11

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Oh. My. God. At first this was a little eh, there were a lot of regular writing mistakes in the very begining like the info dump in the form of a conversation between 2 people that had known each other probably decades. I say "probably" because throughout the entire book I couldn't get a handle on time frame. And they kept calling each other by their first names during conversations which drives me nuts because it's not natural.

In one instance he'll say that things happened when he was 12 to turn him around, in another he was reckless 4 years ago when he was with his child's mother and he was working to not be a "bad boy" anymore. I never could figure out how old he was supposed to be and when exactly he turned his life around to become a TV producer.

And for the record I don't think the author has ever met a four year old. Or been around a three year old. Four year olds don't get the chore of cleaning the entire stairway and it being white glove clean. Three year olds aren't given stints on a cooking show next to AN OPEN HEARTH without lots of consent forms being signed by legal guardians.

I also had an issue with him "adopting" his own son. If it was his son, it would be paternity, not adoption, and the mother would have had to revoke her parental rights not give him up for adoption to his own father. If it was adoption there would have been MANY legal hurdles like home visits and such not just a simple signing of papers.

If you don't look to closely (and after the first few pages it was hard not to) it's a pretty good story. I come to like the characters but I don't have a desire to read any further into the series.

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