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Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
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Aug 31, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended for: people who enjoy noir, people who enjoy male UF protags
Read from August 29 to 31, 2011 — I own a copy

So, the problem with finishing books at work and going on to another book? By the time I'm back home and able to write my review on the book I've finished, I've lost most interest I had in reviewing. Or maybe that's just a problem with this book for today.

Here's the thing.. I never really got classic noir movies like Casablanca or the Maltese Falcon. Oh, I watched them and enjoyed them, but I never really understood the hype. I do, however, have a soft spot (either in my head, or my heart, I'm not quite sure which it is) for bad boys. Yeah, I'm like so many other women in that regard. At least I know that I should only admire from afar.

This book? Is both noir and has a bad boy in it. Think Mel Gibson's Payback, only with clueless demons, psychotic angels, and even cooler weapons. Oh, and the Authorities? are bigoted fake Texans. Yeah, it's your typical noir - gritty, everyone has their own agenda, and the protagonist very much isn't the White Hat. You'll root for him, because what else are you going to do in this kind of situation, but he's unapologetically a monster.

And, I think that's where I run into my first problem. From afar, a bad boy can be sexy. But talk to him (or share his headspace) for awhile, and all I really want to do is pat him on the head and say, "buck up, buddy. You're making your life a lot more of a hell than it needs to be." And then leave him to go watch Monty Python's Life of Brian. This book left me with the uncomfortable feeling that antiheroes really are just the original emokids. Minus the really bad poetry, maybe. Whenever he started thinking about his lost love, I kept expecting him to shout "for yooooou!"

The plot was fun, though. And Kadrey really does know how to write kick ass fight/action scenes. And, my issues with antiheroes aside, he does make interesting characters. Yes, they were all noir archetypes and expected, but they were expected in a good, interesting way, like an old friend you haven't talked to in awhile.

Favorite line from the book: "It looks like a tv remote fucked a little typewriter, and this is the bastard child." Yes, I dropped an f-bomb in a review. If that troubles you: don't read this book.

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Reading Progress

13.0% "So far, it reminds me of a kind of mismash of Constantine and the Crow. Nothing really deep, lots of ass kicking and badassery. Bonus, a *reason* he got a trenchcoat." 5 comments
33.0% ""It looks like a tv remote fucked a little typewriter, and this is the bastard child." LOL 14% // The writing in this is genre specific good. I'm impressed. 21% // Bonus: He EXPLAINS why she's in skin tight clothes, instead of simply putting her in them. And, it's an okay reason. 33%"
48.0% ""And when you come back, you'll get two karma points." Starting to feel like a Shadowrun game. 36% // "You've had 11 years and haven't done a thing!" Maybe there's a reason for that. Maybe you should be trying to find out how the world has changed before going out recklessly. 45% // I really love that he seems to live his life based off the flip of a coin. 48%"
50.0% ""Apparently, while I was downtown, people decided that they needed to know the time on Neptune." LOL 48% // If everyone knew where he was, why didn't anyone try to get him *out* of Hell? 49% // "If I had to take my boss' son so seriously that I had to salute his dandruff, I'd go stab-happy too." Excellent line. 50%"
55.0% "Okay, so I get that this is noir - everyone but the good guy is a bad guy or going to be killed. I get that the angels aren't on the up and up. I realize that it's not "his fight," but I don't get his reasoning for not wanting to go after the anti-angels. Is it just a case of "where was God?" 55%"
100.0% "I love Kinsky. I'm fairly certain he's God. 88% // Oooor not. I still love him, though. 88% // ...okay, while I'm really enjoying this book, I don't really *like* Sandman Slim. He's got one really piss poor attitude. Wow. When did I become such an old fuddy duddy? 89% // I still like Satan more than the angels. They're usually depicted as being more fun, though. 100%"

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