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Turn It Up by Inez Kelley
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Sep 06, 2011

really liked it
Read from August 27 to September 04, 2011

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“There aren’t words to tell you how much I love you, so I’m trying to show you.”

Doctor Bastian Talbot and Charlie Pierce have been best friends and sex advice radio show co-hosts for over half a decade when Bastian realizes he’s ready to act on the feelings he’s had for Charlie for some time, and take their friendship from platonic to married. Charlie, always one to use her sexuality to protect her heart, believes that crossing the line from friends to lovers will mean the death of their friendship altogether. Pissed off at him for changing the course of their lives, and believing his confession has permanently altered their friendship anyway, Charlie decides that she is more than willing to have sex with Bastian, but refuses to give him her heart.

As much as Bastian would love to take her to bed, he only wants it if she’ll agree to marry him. During the course of their radio show “Let’s Talk about Sex with Doctor Hot and Honeypot” one night, a bet begins: can Dr. Hot get Honey to marry him before they go all the way? Or will Honey’s persuasive sexuality drive him to forget the idea of marriage vows for one quick orgasm?

I really enjoyed the premise of this book. Charlie’s character is a tough, spunky woman who owns her sexuality and makes no excuses for it. A childhood spent living out of suit cases with a mother who loved her, but went from man to man, city to city, and never put down stable roots for her daughter, left Charlie jaded on the idea of permanence—especially in romantic relationships.

I loved Bastian, and I found myself thinking about him long after I was done reading the book. Simply put, he’s a nice guy, and I don’t think nice heroes get the credit they deserve. While many women are drawn to the “bad” boys, I’ve always been partial of the good ones. And Bastian’s character has been through some stuff that might leave other men pissed off at fate, and steered toward anything but being a "nice guy". He carries a lot of self-resentment on his shoulders for something that caused him to question his masculinity and ultimately ended his marriage several years before. I really felt for him, and his past leads to a lot of the angst in the story.

Of course, it’s not all angst. Turn It Up was a really fun read. I enjoyed watching Charlie use her sexual wiles to break Bastian down and try to make him cave to losing the bet over and over again.

And Bastian, wanting her more than he's ever wanted anyone, but only if she gives him her heart along with it, spends the entire book showing her how much she deserves to be treated like she’s the most precious and important thing in the world to him.

The scenes in the radio station were also really entertaining and reminded me of my high school years, staying up late at night listening to Adam Corolla and Doctor Drew host Love Lines. I wouldn't be surprised if Inez Kelley was a Love Lines fan too.

Overall, I found Turn It Up to be a satisfying contemporary romance read with emotional peaks and comedic highs. This was my first Inez Kelley book, after having always heard great things about her writing; I’m convinced I’ll want to read more from her.

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Kellie G. I just read this and LOVED it!!!

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