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The Hook Up by Steven Kerry
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Aug 27, 2011

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As a warning to readers, this is not a romance, however there is a slight erotic edge to the story. Burt is surfing the net, hanging out at one of those hook-up websites, when he is direct messaged by a good-looking cowboy Toffin. The man claims he was selected to be the next Marlboro man and is in town to shoot it. Before long Burt has given him his address and is ready for a hook up. (Okay, as parents do we not TELL our kids not to give out their home address on-line to strangers?)

Toffin finally arrives and it’s not quite what Burt expected. He’s not jumped right away, and in fact Toffin seems remarkably shy and reticent to talk or do anything sexual. Burt finally gets him into the bedroom, but Toffin remains dressed and things get weird. He starts acting oddly and before long Burt realizes that there is something really freaky creepy going on, and he needs to get rid of the guy. He manages to figure out how to do that without setting him off and believes he’s escaped with his life.

Now I have to say I really enjoyed Burt. He’s a bit older and his own wry sense of humour about his internet activities was cute. Also his thoughts when trying to get Toffin into bed, which go from just horny and wanting a quickie to realizing there is something really weird happening were well done. My only confusion lie in exactly what Toffin was. Was he just a weird serial killer and Burt dodged a bullet? Was there a paranormal aspect as that was hinted at? Will he now have to change apartments since Toffin knows where he lives? :-)

On the whole I enjoyed it for what it is, and I do find myself liking the kind of creepy suspenseful stories that make me want to scream at the characters to run for their lives. There is no sex, there is no romance, but perhaps a little warning for people who hook up on the internet. You just never know who will come knocking at your door, and you may not be as lucky as Burt. (insert evil laughter)
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