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Hexed by Kevin Hearne
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Dec 24, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, urban-fantasy, series, favorites
Read from August 26 to December 20, 2011

I LOVE this series - its the only books that I can think of where a secondary character is able to totally steal the show from the main character almost every time they are in a scene!


He remains Atticus'S faithful dog in this sophomore addition to the Druids series, and continues to be such an amazing piece of comedic relief that he has completely endeared himself to me much more than Atticus or any other character in the books could ever hope to do.

I mean come on a character who creates the word "fetishistically" and then uses it correctly in a sentence deserves some major praise (or at least a yummy bacon treat!)

But in an effort to gush about things other than Oberon, let me just say that this book felt a little bit like a filler book to me. The main bad guys were secondary to other plots taking place in the book and were totally thrown in at the end. I was expecting a whole different group of people to be the major bad guys in this book. Thus it was a bit hard to feel a lot of animosity towards them since I didn't even know about them for 75% of the book and therefore did not have time to truly dislike them. Otherwise this was a fantastic book. The action was intense, the dialog fantastic, and beyond hilarious at times, plus the relationships grew a bit, and we learned a lot more about Atticus.

All in all, Kevin Hearne is proving himself to be an amazing author totally worthy to be read, and I am super excited to learn that there will be another 3 books in this series.

Seriously, y'all! READ THESE BOOKS!
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Reading Progress

08/26/2011 page 14
5.0% ""Leif stared at me, utterly still, the way only vampires and pet rocks can manage. " of course this as just before the vamp drove off in an "undead hissy fit". Seriously this book has some crazy funny one liners."
12/20/2011 page 154
52.0% "And again Oberon steals the show. A goddess says something shocking to Atticus and he spits beer out in surprise. Oberon tells him "Ha! If you think I'm licking that up, you're crazy.""
12/20/2011 page 176
60.0% "And Oberon just created and used the word "fetishistically" in a sentence. I totally want a magical Irish wolf hound right now."
12/20/2011 page 220
75.0% "Atticus is naked and using a towel to fight off a German witch from WWII by twirling it and snapping it at her face. He then references Douglas Adams saying he was right about towels being the most useful item in the universe. HAHAHA!!"
12/20/2011 page 294
100.0% "Did I stay up till 5 am to finish this book?? Yes. Yes I did. Thank goodness I am on vacation right now!"

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