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The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian
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Aug 29, 11

Read from August 26 to 28, 2011

This was a disturbing look at how our society has slowly been changing due to the marketing tactics of a few choice groups trying to implement their agenda on American culture. Some of the issues addressed were gay rights, change in education, a sex-crazed culture and abortion rights. The book was quite explicit in the strategies used. The chapter on abortion was very straight-forward on what exactly happens during an abortion. Made me want to immediately go out and do whatever I can to stop the hideousness that is abortion. I realize this is a touchy issue and for many people it has to do with the issue of a woman's rights to her own body. It's hard for me to accept that it has anything to do with her body when it's a baby inside being torn limb from limb or being burned alive. Ultimately it comes down to not believing that it is a human inside her womb. I am of the belief that is a human that is inside the womb and this human is being murdered during abortion. This book shares this view.
The media is often slanted toward whatever view they believe is right, regardless of what is actual fact. Our American society is becoming more and more corrupt and we need to wake up and see the lies that are being fed to us.
"We all know, deep down, right from wrong. We're self-contained truth machines if only we'd pay attention. It's only our pride, our willfulness to have our own way, to be the god of our own lives, to rationalize our compulsions and sins - and the inevitable denial of truth that follows - that disconnects us from it."
"But in far too many pulpits across America...Christianity is presented in such a shallow way that it doesn't require a love of truth - which is tantamount to a love of Him. This dumbed-down version of Christianity doesn't require honest introspection or courage or self-denial or patience. The only ingredient it needs is a guilty person who's sick of feeling guilty, wants relief, wants to feel better about himself, or desires an insurance policy to keep him out of hell."
"The compartmentalization and trivialization of Christianity into a mantra of belief - but separated from works, from obedience to God's laws, and even more fundamentally, separated from basic honesty, integrity, love of truth, and true repentance - has ushered in a generation of shallow, ineffectual, and invisible Christians."

*I got this book through inter-library loan
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