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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Jan 04, 12

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Read from August 29, 2011 to January 04, 2012


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3.0% "Even though it's nothing like it, The Test reminds me so much of Bladerunner, when they're talking about the turtle. 2% // Hunh - this is written in present tense. Interesting. 3% // She has more than one personality trait. HOW DARE SHE!! I'm really supposed to buy into this? 3% // // "How could inconclusive test results be dangerous?" Because it shows a flaw in the system?? Duh? 3%"
5.0% "Maybe it's because selflessness is a trait that I find repulsive, but Abnegation sounds horrid. 4% // "It's 'cause they're so intelligent that they want power." Uh, no... it's simply because they want power. People do. If only one faction has it, "the others" will want it. Basic psychology. 5%"
12.0% ""It's personality that's to blame for war." Uh... NO. It's being trained into an us/them mentality. So far, I'm not agreeing with ANY of this book's premise. 5% // So, Dauntless is really "idiot." Gotcha. Jump of a fracking TRAIN?! 11% // I can feel my IQ decreasing every moment this book rattles on. By the end of it, I might not be able to write an intelligent sentence. 12%"
19.0% ""Yeah, some of you die off. Get over it." Lovely. I swear, if Erik is the one Tris has a romance with, I'll throw something. 13% // Okay, I've seriously had enough of this crap for today. 19%"
20.0% "Okay, so she's learning how to fight and shoot a gun... WHY again? if she's living in a utopia (which the factions are supposed to be making) then why would there be any need for fighting? 19% // "This disgustingly selfish" aaaand another judgment call. Okay, I *get* that she was raised to be like this, but honestly? I don't want to share brainspace with someone like her. 20%"
22.0% "They aren't even teaching the initiates how to fight. They're teaching them ..what... how to be brutal? Again... WHY?? This is STUPID. 21% // "I'm fed up" yeah, and so am I. Seriously, this is quite possibly the STUPIDEST book I've come across. 22% // God, even the writing sucks "*I* don't have a black eye." ...because having a black eye is traumatic? WTF? 22%"
28.0% "Here's a concerned friend, and what does she do? Lash out. "That's right, fool, I DRANK THAT KOOL-AID!" 23% // Not only are they designed for infighting with other factions, they actively encourage infighting within themselves. ALSO, making them choose what faction they want to be a part of, while not giving them any information about the factions are before making them choose?"

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