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Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden
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Aug 26, 2011

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Read from August 26 to September 05, 2011

I loved this series so I was so looking forward to reading this book.I did all I could to get through it. I found Barbara to be very conceited when telling her story.The Jeanie blinking back and forth made me dizzy all that skipping around and not staying within a timeline.All the famous stars that she came in contact with (meaning the men mostly)she wouldn't give the time of day.She gave these super stars the snub really.In my thinking if you had just gone out with the stars for dinner at least once when single it would have added to her status as a rising star.Who wouldn't want to go on a date with Elvis Presley or JKF our future President?The other thing is that her story only pertain to her career never really went into her personal life. Yes, she told you about her failed marriages and her sons drug problems but there was never any real depth of her life outside of her career from childhood on up.She also never really went into weather or not she had any drug or alcohol problems (or was even tempted by the life style)like so many other stars she told you about her husband chucks but never really went on to say that she crossed that bridge or not like other stars.If you read this book it was like she was walking perfection...

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