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The Waterless Sea by Kate Constable
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Aug 26, 11

Recommended to Perro by: After I Library-Raided the first book I looked up the rest of the books
Recommended for: People who enjoyed Eragon, The Raie' Chalia, The Golden Compass, etc
Read in January, 2009, read count: 2

** spoiler alert ** It was nice. I read it a long time ago, before I knew about Goodreads. I think I'll actually do a real review for this one, because usually I'm not very into hardcore fantasy... I sincerely remember this book better than the others, partly because I liked it more, but the name was just stuck.

This book came after the first, The Singer of All Songs, where they defeated, Samis. (Wait I just remembered why this book stuck: I hated it because first, Darrow LEFT Calwyn, then she LOST ALL HER POWERS!! UGH!) Then Calwyn and Co head off to the Palace of Cobwebs in Mer.....Mer-i-thu-ros. Yeah, Merithuros and have to find like, these two kinapped siblings. Well they find them all right but discover that the Empire had kidnapped countless kids before them just to use them for their Chanting abilities. This is also when Darrow ditches Calwyn. He has to figure out the power incased in this ring that he pried from Samis's cold, dead fingers.

Ok, my ADHD is acting up. Let's get to the point: In the end, Calwyn and Darrow meet back up and Darrow confesses his love for her at the Black Palace in the middle of this desert thing.....OMG I LOST MY MIND IT WAS SO ROMANTIC!! Anyhow, soon after that, Calwyn loses her powers when she restores the Lost Sea to it's former glory. I thought that was so wicked awesome but was extremely peeved abd through the book.

All in all it was one of those books I hate to love and love to hate.


*Update 8/19/12 : Realizes my quote, "Hate to love and love to hate," means I all out hate it . LOL , I probably meant hate to love and love to....IDK , be perpetually confused with this riddle . I'm going to try to find a word that will make it mean Love it but Hate it . LOL . I just feel like a failure . I'm going to stop now . Lol . Ok . Now .

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