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Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate
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Aug 26, 11

I first discovered Ms. Wingate in "Good Hope Road" which lingers in my mind as one of most enjoyable books I've read. Some of her books I like better than others and I often wonder how much my own circumstances at any given time color my response.

I enjoyed reading this one. I still like Ms. Wingate's writing and her approach. Too much of life is filled with negativity. It is nice to know that when I pick up anything by this author, I will be treated - as the reader - as though I'm intelligent, and worthy of the author's best efforts. How nice to know that the book will be filled with clean language and uplifting themes without being too preachy.

I wasn't quite as taken this time, with the subject matter, though I can't necessarily define why. I've decided that most people have "back stories" - things that perhaps aren't as they would have wished, or things that they don't want to shout from the rooftops. Epiphany's mother is one of those characters whose back-story I wish was a bit more fully developed, although that might be a story for another time, another book.

It is also interesting to discover, as an adult, that things in your own (or your immediate family's) life aren't always as they've been presented. People keep secrets. I would have liked to discover more of the details of Mr. Alvord's first five years. But, there again, maybe Ms. Wingate has plans for that for the future. Or not.

And although I enjoyed the reading of this book, I'm not sure it will remain with me. It was a pleasant enough way to spend my reading over the last two days, but not much more than that.

A few stand out passages:

"There are no walls for hanging accolades in heaven."

"God has a way of putting a thumb on those who take undue liberties."

"My mind went back, and I smelled the orange groves, the scent of blossoms hanging so sweet and thick that the air itself was a pleasant drink."

"...but it's a foolish man who willingly tastes the dish of regret once he knows how bitter it is."

"Maybe she was telling him never to let other people tell you when to give up hope."

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