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Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
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Aug 26, 11

Honesty I was expecting a lot more from Bloodlines but it failed to deliver all that I had hoped.

First of all let's with the rather non existent plot. It's boring honestly, lacking any of the emotional ups and downs that Vampire Academy had. The ending was a total whacked curve ball that just explodes upon you. I was wondering to myself where the heck did that come from?!

And Sydney is no Rose we all know that but I think Sydney herself doesn't. Her actions and motivations are similar to Rose but well It's like reading a watered down version of her which I suppose makes this book even more frustrating. Sydney's saving grace is that she's grown a lot as a character since VA but well really not interesting enough to make her the lead heroine.

Jill's okay I suppose but the problem is that she never really grew as a character from VA. It's like reading the same Jill we knew from VA. despite everything that's happened to her, you'd think she'd grow a bit but no Richelle has kept her exactly the same. While that's all good in VA cause she was a minor character, it's gonna be a huge problem moving forward for the bloodline series as a lead character.

Eddie is severely under utilised in the book which is sad cause he's got great potential. He's there somewhere in the background even though he's in nearly most of the scenes but hardly speaks a word or has his presence acknowledged. And when he does get mentioned, i kept wondering what? He was in this scene?! At times I kept having to reread paragraphs to even realised he was there at all!

Adrian's about the only thing done right so I suppose if your huge Adrian fans you wouldn't mind Bloodlines so much.

I'll probably still read the next instalment cause Adrian's one of my favourite characters and hope he gets the ending he deserves.
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