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Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence
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Why this HP didnt work for me: (didn't like the heroine - or her as a mother)

It seemed like it took the hero less than a day to win her over (even though she pretends it isnt so) after all he had done to her (dumped her when she's preg with his child/seen by many other women in the past). And although what the hero was saying to the heroine made a lot of sense (he wanted to be in his son's life - about damn time), heroine's inner dialog made it seem as if all she cared about was her feelings and her flaming loins. How he still turned her on... *rolls eyes*. She ultimately does go along with his plan for their son's sake, however, I, as the reader didn't buy this. I felt as if she went along with it because this is what she had been wishing for all along.

Even this I might have accepted. However, he had treated his son like crap and completely ignored him for 4 yrs. I cant believe that any decent mother would forget and forgive a man who treated her son like this so easily and even had dreams of getting back with him.

Instead of pining for the bastard, I would have been wanting some revenge for my son. But no, all she cared about was her flaming loins and how beautiful he still is to her ...

What a stupid, stupid girl....

Something positive about the books:

For once, the hero's explanation is reasonable and heartfelt from the beginning, and not just the last 5 pages of the book which is case the with most HP.
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Aishwarya exactly my thoughts!! it was highly irritating.

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