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The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
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Jun 22, 12

it was ok
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Read from February 15 to 21, 2012

The writing was bad. Bad. So bad. Flinchingly bad. Flinchingly is not even a word (according to my spell check), but I don't even care - that's how flinchingly bad the writing is in this book... It has seeped into my review.

Someone told the writers that PRESENT TENSE would be the best way to write a novel - "you know, man, so it would read like everything is totally happening right now!" It was the novel's biggest downfall. Instead of the story unfolding smoothly or organically, it clunks and rattles and sucks...sucks hard. Third-person present tense. Terrible.

Do you ever find that, sometimes when you're reading a good book, the words disappear from your perception - you find yourself in the story, surrounded by imagery. Ahhh, good books...

When you read this piece of shit, you find yourself surrounded by terrible sentences that you can't shake from your vision: in your mind's eye, this "story" looks like a pantomime projected onto a curtain in a corner of the room while terrible, giant present-tense sentences fly from the ceiling, whacking you on the head as they bounce off the walls.

Why two stars? You have to understand how invested I am in The Walking Dead franchise to understand this. I've read fifteen, fifteen!, of the Walking Dead collected comic book trade paperbacks, most of which I have waited anxiously for months to be released. I have watched all of the TV episodes in real-time, realtime! not "when I get the chance" off the DVR... hell, I have six people over every Sunday night for Dinner-Beer-Zombiez. In short, I've been a fan of Rick Grimes and the rest of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead Universe for years now.

There was NO CHANCE this book was flying under my radar. I am a completist, and this book satiated my need for "more, more, more" (see Rhiannon's Dune Prequels Collection for more terrible books I was forced by my own fandom to enjoy). Now, I know from whence the character of The Governor came. Phew!

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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Luckily I'm not as crazypants as you. I'll be able to just read the graphic novels and watch the series without feeling as though I've forgotten something. Thanks for the warning.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Waitwaitwait! Robert Kirkman actually has something to do with this?! Failsies.

Rhiannon Yeah! That freaked me out!

Here's my hope: Kirkman provided the character sketches and main plot points and Bonansinga filled in the blanks with bad writing.

(And then, they missed their deadline @the publishers and Bonansinga passed the finished copy to the agent before Kirkman read it?)

Rhiannon Jess: "I'll be able to just read the graphic novels and watch the series without feeling as though I've forgotten something. Thanks for the warning."

Admit it!!! You wanna know how the Governer became the Governer. Especially now that sexy Colonel Brandon is going to play him in the show.

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