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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
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Apr 29, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2008

Very intense read and very well written (in Nabokov's second language no less!). Written as a first person account of a pedophile's exploits, the novel really can be creepy to read at times--it is like you accompany the psychotic and depraved narrator on his torid tale. This novel should be every literary psychoanalyst's wet-dream; what a great novel to do a character study on! I did, though, find the end a bit disappointing only because I was COMPLETELY unable to piece together the answer to the mystery before it is revealed (my guess was better than the real answer though!). Now I'll have to re-read it to pick up on more clues that I had simply discounted due to an utter lack of narrative fidelity.

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melita have you ever read THE BELL JAR?? It's about this chick going nuts and while I was reading I truly felt like I was going crazy with her... reading your review made me think of that feeling... it too is rather intense, but no pedophiliac ickiness...

QUESTION: so this novel was written in english, not translated?

Adam Floridia No, I haven't read The Bell Jar. I know Erin started to and did not really enjoy it. I'll read it someday, but it's not on the top of my list.

Reading this really was creepy because it's like you are complicit in all of the narrator's crimes and you are privy to all of his twisted, manipulative thoughts.

It really is well-written though; Nabokov writes better in English than most native speakers.

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