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Aug 25, 2011

really liked it

I feel the need to use the DSM to psychoanalyze the reviewers of this book. Whoa. It seems like people are personally offended by the existence of the DSM. Well, I for one, as a mental health professional, am quite glad that it exists because without it, I would be left to my own devices. There are many crazy therapists out there who would be diagnosing people with the most outlandish things possible if there weren't some guidelines in place. The DSM is not any of the following and if you're going to review it, keep this in mind: 1. Lite summer reading for by the pool. 2. Interesting to anyone who doesn't work in the field or 3. Speaking about you personally. I was just surprised to see how fired up people get about this. I certainly don't put much stock in some of the diagnoses and I'm looking forward to the DSM V update but I find it to at the very least be a necessary evil. It's kinda like if people were to complain that the dictionary didn't entertain them, is too rigid, or that words should not be defined by letters. Everything--including mental illness--has to have some language associated with it to better allow people to talk about it and address problems. What people chose to do with the labels within the DSM is the bigger problem. Diagnosis is one tool of many that the clinician works with. It shouldn't be the only consideration and it certainly doesn't define the totality of a person. For those of you who left scathing reviews of this book, I ask you to consider the alternative. If there was no DSM, diagnosing wouldn't disappear. As others mentioned, it's a requirement of the insurance companies. So would you rather have people pulling names of made up illnesses out of a hat? At least there are some guidelines in place.
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