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In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms by Laura C. Schlessinger
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Sep 19, 11

really liked it
Read in September, 2011

Overall, I really liked this book. Dr. Laura can get a bit preachy, and a bit judgmental (which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 - I found some things to be a bit redundant and a bit harsh at times towards working moms), but there were a lot of gems to be found in this book. It went a long way to remind me of WHY I am a stay at home Mom (something which I seem to need reminded of, frequently), and that what I'm doing IS important and worthwhile. Also, I read a lot that inspired me to stop whining to myself (and my husband) so much and relax a little bit about my situation and enjoy it a bit more. Not that there aren't whine-worthy moments (haha), but to not focus on them SO much. I really needed this read right now, and felt rejuevenated after each chapter and inspired to do better at liking my job and being proud of it.

This book NEVER focuses on being a better SAHM in terms of being more perfect, having a cleaner house, better kids, or any of that nonsense that makes us moms feel bad about ourselves. The book is all about focusing on the positive in being a SAHM, the benefits for the kids, for you, and for your husband, and acknowledging and addressing what makes it difficult (because it IS hard) and how to deal with these issues. She over and over stresses the need to NOT try to be perfect and consequently beat yourself up when you don't even approach the idea. I loved that about the book.

Anyhow, so this book was very therapuetic for me. Although I have to try to ignore some of her more judgmental comments about working moms, I love her no-nonsense attitude about things, and how she is willing to point out women's flaws (yes, we have them! and sometimes we are our own worst enemies...) and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves

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