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Irredeemable, Vol. 6 by Mark Waid
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** spoiler alert ** The Plutonian has been taken away to mine terromite on a prison world. He remains mentally disconnected from his body, however, preferring to remember more pleasant experiences/times (or at least dream them – we can't be sure what's going on in his very disturbed mind). But even their prison cannot hold him, and he ends up in a mental hospital inside of a sun. Back on earth, Survivor is making sure that everyone knows who's responsible for their liberation – mostly him – and is making all kinds of promises that he can't keep (like amnesty for any bad guys who are willing to help remake the world after the destruction the Plutonian has wrought). Modeus is still plotting to get the Plutonian back (so he can express his love and devotion), and there's some tension between Qubit and the Survivor over Scylla (Survivor's brother), who may still be alive.

Another suspenseful installment! A bit confusing, too – what the hell is going on in the Plutonian's head? What's real? What isn't? Still disturbed by Modeus' revelation and his efforts to experience the feelings he had for the Plutonian.
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message 1: by Dave (last edited Aug 29, 2011 07:27PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dave I'm kinda bummed that the Modeus/Plutonian thing seems to be true... I have no problem with the homosexual subtext, I just kinda hoped Modeus was above unrequited love/lust as a motivation. I guess it's not a bad twist, it makes sense- who wouldn't fall in love with a living god? Especially someone who feels so far above normal mortals themselves.

Cary is definitely asking for trouble, and I won't cry for him when he gets it.

Is there no limit to Tony's strength? Is he just as strong as he believes he is? There's definitely an unknown quantity at work here.

(also I still think it's amusing that Scylla is named after a female monster... reminds me of Banshee from X-Caliber)

Arminzerella Also bummed. I mean, they eliminated a demon in one installment...I'd hoped this would just go away, too.

Arminzerella I thought Modeus was somehow above those kinds of feelings. Not sure why.

Dave Karin wrote: "I thought Modeus was somehow above those kinds of feelings. Not sure why."

I think we naturally want super intelligent beings to be logical and not subject to the vagaries of emotions like us lesser mortals.

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