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The Unwritten, Vol. 3 by Mike Carey
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** spoiler alert ** Tom Taylor, presumed to be dead, is keeping a low profile. With the help of Lizzie Hexam and Richie Savoy, Tom attempts to make contact with his father at a London book-signing/release party of Wilson Taylor's 14th Tommy Taylor book. It's a trap and the cabal descends upon them, taking Wilson's life – but not before he is able to impart some important information to his son and give him the means to clear his name. The cabal's fake book is outed and Wilson releases his very own, published-in-secret finale: “Tommy Taylor and the Day of Judgment.” Tom is expected to carry out his father's plans (to return stories to the people), but he can't find his magic. Will he be able to recharge before his enemies make their next move? And will Lizzie's fragile mental state be able to hold up under the pressure? Tom is going to need all of the help he can get.

Continue to love the artwork in this series and the mixed media approach to story-telling. Part of this collection includes a choose-you-own-adventure type tale about Lizzie Hexam's origins.

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Dave Yeah that CYOA section was brilliant. I'll be interested to see where this one goes. I hope there's more commentary on the role of stories in society, semiotics, all that sort of meta-level stuff.

Arminzerella I sort of dreaded the CYOA section when I came across it, but it ended up being really good - and not at all annoying. :)

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