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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
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Jan 13, 2015

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2011

First off I listened to the audio version of this book. Jim Dale is the narrator and everything came alive as he read this book. I'm not sure if my experience would have been different if I had read the book. It is full of details and descriptions. It seemed like half this book was nothing more than imagery and the characters seemed almost secondary to the circus itself. I usually enjoy books that are much more fast paced and plot driven but this held my attention the entire time. It is beautifully written.

There is romance in this book but it wasn't the focus of the book. There was a large cast of characters who all played a large part in the story instead of just focusing on the two main characters. This has to be one of the most original, well written books I've read.

Content: (May be considered a spoiler)

There was only one swear word that I remember in the entire book (but it was the F word) and one scene with implied sex.
So if you take white out to the F word on page 10 and skip the second half of page 295 it would be a clean read. (At least those were the page #s in the ARC I have).

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: ARC from publisher but I downloaded it from because Jim Dale is the narrator.
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10.0% "I got the audio version and was so excited when I started it and heard Jim Dale's voice! He is such an amazing narrator! I'm wondering though... did they use the F word in the 1800s? I'm thinking not??" 2 comments
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message 24: by Hannah (new) - added it

Hannah Is this clean?

Inspired Kathy Hannah,
I was sent 2 copies, one to read and one to giveaway. I've not read my copy yet so I don't know.

message 22: by Rhonda Rae (new)

Rhonda Rae Baker How do we get on the 'list' for your giveaway.

message 21: by Rhonda Rae (new)

Rhonda Rae Baker I'm connected to your blog...must be only way. Maybe one of these days...(-:

message 20: by Beth (new) - rated it 3 stars

Beth What purpose does whiting out words in a book serve? Life is messy. So is conflict in literature. Sometimes people do bad things. Whiting something out and pretending that it's not there won't make it go away. I understand the desire to want to read clean literature, but whiting out books to reach that end is not the answer.

Inspired Kathy It is the answer for me and my children and for others as well. The F word in this book is so completely random and out of place. There is absolutely no reason it should have been put in this book. It didn't fit the time period or the language used in the rest of the book. For the life of me I have absolutely no clue why the author/publisher choose to throw it in there. It completely detracts from an otherwise good book.

message 18: by Heather (new) - added it

Heather I agree with you Kathy. The F word is unnessesary crassness and just because an author chooses to put it in a book doesn't mean we have to subject ourselves to it without question.

message 17: by Zoë (new) - added it

Zoë I'm not concerned with clean reads for myself, but I totally agree about the F word in this book, it only occurs once but it doesn't fit with the time period at all! I mean, I don't know historically exactly when it started being used but it feels so out of place in the book and I really don't understand why it is in there.

Inspired Kathy That's exactly my issue with its use in this book and why I would recommend whiting it out. It is out of place and not needed.

Inspired Kathy I guess it has been around a lot longer than I thought but it was still out of place in this book.

message 13: by Zoë (new) - added it

Zoë Yeah, the reason I questioned its historically accuracy was because the rest of the book just has this magical feel to it and the one use of profanity just feels jarring. And the wikipedia thing does say "did not appear in any widely-consulted dictionary of the English language from 1795 to 1965" so it certainly wasn't the norm when the novel occurs and wasn't needed in that sense.

Andrea Newkirk I absolutely loved this book- and for the life of me can't remember the F word being in it. Guess I was just so mesmerized by such a beautiful story I didn't even pay attn to it.

message 11: by Zoë (new) - added it

Zoë Andrea wrote: "I absolutely loved this book- and for the life of me can't remember the F word being in it. Guess I was just so mesmerized by such a beautiful story I didn't even pay attn to it."
You know both Kathy and I listened to it on audio so I wonder if that played a role? Sometimes things my eye just scans over on the page becomes really obvious when listening to it read alone.

message 10: by Donna (new)

Donna I would love to listen to the audio of this. I love Jim Dale's narration style.

Paula Wonderful review Kathy, 'The Night Circus' is on my wishlist,

Inspired Kathy Zoe - Very likely because the way he read it made it just jump out.

Kate I missed the F word too, and I listed to it on audio (Jim Dale is just amazing!). I pretty much started re-reading the hard back book immediately after I finished listening to it, and that's when I noticed the f word. I personally don't have a problem with it, but I can understand why some readers might feel that it was a bit jarring. Overall The Night Circus is a beautifully written novel!

Read for your future! I LOVED this book!

Donna I just finished the audiobook version in my car on my way to work today. Jim Dale is amazing! I also urged getting the audiobook version in my review and to a friend I know will love it, too.

Inspired Kathy He is amazing. My favorite narrator!

message 3: by Candace (new) - added it

Candace Good to know this one is "clean". I'm always trying to find audiobooks that I can listen to in the office in the romance genre. :)

message 2: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (Book Frivolity) I know this might sound strange, but how much actual traditional circus is in this book? Lol. I am actually thoroughly creeped out by the circus (bad experience as a child!), but I have heard nothing but good things about this book and nobody really seems to focus to on the circus aspect in their reviews... Do you think I could read it without worriedly chewing at my fingernails through the whole thing?

Vivian I found this book absolutely magical and enthralling! I could not put it down!! I bet the audio version is really good. Thanks to your review I will be giving it a listen to revisit.

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