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At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost
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Mar 09, 2012

liked it
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Read from March 07 to 09, 2012

I am going to go with a 3.5 star rating, rounded down.

I definitely enjoyed the story, and I enjoyed being back in the Night Huntress world.

Cat, whose full name, btw, is Catherine Kathleen Crawfield (Catherine Kathleen, really?), has noticed that since her profile went up in the vampire world, doing her job as the Red Reaper has become markedly more difficult. She doesn't want to stop, but it is looking like she'd have to. In an operation to try out a new substitute for her, everything goes badly awry and we discover that someone else desperately wants Cat and Bones killed. The book is about the journey to discover and obliterate whichever vampire that is. Along the way, several things happen, and we are introduced to a bunch of new characters along the way, my favorite of whom was Vlad Tepesh. Vlad is apparently the real Count Dracula. He was funny, and I'll definitely be reading his book.

An interesting and enjoyable ride aside, there were a couple of things that got my goat really badly.

The biggest of those things was Tate. Cat, Tate and Bones would be discussing his unrequited love in fron of everyone. I felt like that was highly inappropriate and something that should be discussed away from everyone who wasn't Cat, Bones, or Tate. If that was all, it wouldn't be too bad. But then Tate wouldn't shut up about this 'love' he has for Cat. It was stupid. a grown man, a real man, who claims he loves someone, wouldn't go about trumpeting his love for her when she was clearly in love with someone else. whatever happened to if you truly love someone you'd let them be happy? So

1. It was stupid and childish.
2. It has been going on too long. It should never have been allowed to get to here. Once they realized Tate wasn't going to let this go, he shouldn't have been a part of the team. I don't understand how he is still her 'friend', still a part of the team. AND THEN THEY PUT THEM ON A JOB TOGETHER! A job that involved kissing and being intimate WTH? Of all the stupid things to do?
3. At this point I am so disgusted by this nonsense I am not sure I will ever believe in a HEA for Tate, should he find someone. He just should be killed off somewhere and put all of us out of our misery.
4. I am not sure I will continue with the next books if this tomfoolery is still going on.

And then the other thing was the dialogue. In some places it was soooooo cheesy, it read like some bad melodrama.

Finally, all this power that Bones is amassing..... oh well.

It's still a good fun ride, and worth a read.
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20.0% "lots of blood and gore"
67.0% "What do you do when you think your lover is dead? Kill yourself? No cos that's wimpy. Avenge his death, and then you can think about killing yourself. Wth? How is that not the same thing? Yeah. Because life does not go on. Smh."

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Mimi Smith Great review!
I agree with your point about Tate. If it makes you feel better he totally accepts his idiotic notions were fruitless and leaves... But not before trying to break them off again. There's also another guy appearing, but that's a long story.

Me, I'm looking forward to Vlad's story. I like Vlad.

Lady Jaye I really don't understand, Mimi. How they all allowed it to get her, esp. Cat and Bones. Smh.

I like Vlad too :)

Mimi Smith Sorry, now I don't understand you. How they allowed what to get what?

And Vlad rocks, and hopefully his series will too!

Lady Jaye Oh. typo. I meant how they allowed it to get there - you know that far. I am also more excited for Vlad's series now :D

Mimi Smith Lady Jaye wrote: "Oh. typo. I meant how they allowed it to get there - you know that far. I am also more excited for Vlad's series now :D"

Yay for Vlad :). Yeah, they should've dealt with Tate differently. Not sure how exactly, but differently. I do like Bones, though. A lot...Cat, she's just okay. TSTL moments abound...

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