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Feb 21, 2013

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hmmm, always hear about this one, never got the chance to find one copy, never put too much effort into looking for it in the first place... but looks like having an iPad makes some things much easier. just started, but it's so interesting how it always refers to The Book and Christians, and Jews.

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message 1: by mirela (new)

mirela Darau so say, is it comparable to the bible? very interesting that you're reading it! si eu de mult il am in gand dar creca mai dureaza pana ma si pun "pe treaba":)

message 2: by Mircea (last edited Oct 12, 2011 01:20AM) (new) - added it

Mircea Lungu aiii iaaa! cat de in urma sunt cu goodreads-ul :) the translation i have has an interesting "style" which sounds a lot like the biblical prophets. as far as i understand, mohamed did keep The Book and it's prophets in respect so this might not be as surprising after all.

sa incepi e ușor... mai greu e sa continui după cum am constat si eu :) m.am lăsat după doua sura already... if i pick it up again, i'll write more here.

message 3: by Mircea (new) - added it

Mircea Lungu although i already have a favorite verse: "if a Christian or a Jew comes to you and tells you that you are wrong, tell them: "if you are so sure, why don't you prove it"" :) (or something like that, i'm citing from memory :)

message 4: by mirela (new)

mirela Darau nice, your verse:)! inca nu am destula motivatie sa-l incep, but i'm thinking about it every time i talk about serious matters and values with one of my close muslim friends

message 5: by Mircea (new) - added it

Mircea Lungu did you ask your muslim friend what's their favourite verse? i remember asking one of my friends and i was very surprised to find out that her favourite one was something a bout the colors of a butterfly :)

message 6: by mirela (new)

mirela Darau one of them's something like "whoever does his work well, is a friend of God", nice eh?:) however, more dutiful than contemplative...

message 7: by Mircea (new) - added it

Mircea Lungu tot ce facetzi sa facetzi ca pentru Domnul nu ca pentru oameni... similar stuff huh? :)

message 8: by mirela (new)

mirela Darau mhm, many similar stuff, i find too:) dar ce nu am gasit inca acolo e iubirea lui Dumnezeu, calda, in felul in care noi o cunoastem prin Christos

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