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Slapstick or Lonesome No More! by Kurt Vonnegut
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Aug 25, 11

Read from August 23 to 26, 2011

OK, so like Timequake I'd probably have to top this book out at three and a half stars if half stars were an option, but since they're not and this is definitely more than a three star book, I'll go four. To me it's kinda the opposite of Hocus Pocus...that one started out a bit scattered but really got great as it progressed...this one started great and sort of lost steam as it progressed. It may be that the novel is SO heavily science-fiction, MUCH more so than Slaughter-House 5 or even The Sirens of Titan in its way, that I'm afraid it kind of sags under the weight of the falling-apart world Vonnegut created to represent his hybrid utopian/dystopian society (in which nations have crumbled, mankind has expended the world's supply of fossil fuels and polluted the atmosphere so much the sky is permanently yellow, yet humanity has found strength, solidarity and hope in the "artificial extended families" created by the book's protagonist and his twin sister and seem to be no worse off, indeed may be better off, for the downfall of society as we know it). I get the impression that in writing this novel Vonnegut indulged the part of himself that was Kilgore Trout more than he'd ever allowed himself to before, which is good in that he allows himself to go into flights of fancy that he may not have gotten away with in other novels, but bad in that, like a Trout composition, the setting and circumstances in which the social commentaries are made is so absurd as to be almost slapst---wait a minute! I think I get it now!!!

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