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Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson
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Aug 26, 11

Read from August 23 to 26, 2011

** spoiler alert ** God this book felt so amateurishly written I could barely bring myself to read it! Throughout the entire story, I felt a little lost, as if I'd been thrown into the deep end with no bearings - the book was so thin of information and it skimmed over events and characters so quickly you hardly got to know anything about them...

First of all, the character's were written as the most immature 30 year olds I have ever known! The very first scene of the books starts with Fred walking in on her parents having sex, and the scene just results in chaos when she throws her Dad halfway across the room from her mother, actually calling him a "...mother-fucker..." - who the hell does that? The author doesn't develop the characters emotionally at all, it's very black and white, Fred is moody - that's it - I get nothing else from her at all...

Nothing much happens in the book, they literally swim around a bit, feed fishes, have a little sex...and get shot at right at the end...and even then nothing happens, they just have a very stiff drink afterwards. The book doesn't move anywhere, there was nothing interesting about it - how ridiculous is that when the entire book is about mermaids? This could have been one of the best books ever, all the building blocks were there, but the author did NOTHING with them.

Forgetting the fact that Thomas just falls in love with Fred after a week...when he knows nothing about her, and same goes for can they possibly love her, they've hardly said two words to each other - and the sad thing is, it feels as if they're both in love with the idea of her than her directly. Thomas loves her because he's infatuated with mermaids and Artur loves her because she's different as she's only half mermaid...

The only good thing about the entire thing was a scene when Fred, Thomas and Artur were taking a trip on a boat - it made me laugh out loud and that's the only reason it got a star.

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