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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
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Aug 23, 11

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I received this as a free e-book ARC from NetGalley.

We finally reach the end of Buffy Season 8 and it's been a wild ride. Old friends have returned and some have come back in roles that no one expected. And we've said goodbye to some old friends and this issue is no exception. It begins with a bang as Angel now has superpowers and fly's into the night to save a crashing plane and it only continues from there. Spike makes a return appearance, with the help of some bug aliens, determined once again to prove he's better than Angel. And Buffy and the gang gather together for one last fight. You'll be on the edge of your seat as the final battle starts and the ending...probably won't make at least half of the fans of the series happy.

Joss is a fantastic writer. He's created universes that even long after the show ends fans are still playing in and enjoying and this season 8 was a way to let the fans continue to see what was happening in the Buffyverse. But after a strong start in the first few three or four issues the series started to falter a bit. It would around in a meandering way, some issues seemingly having no point or plot to them till we get here...the final battle. The end of the biggest battle that Buffy has ever faced. And to's just got some big plot holes that make no sense, including the creation of the other world and what the heck happened to Angel. And it also bugs me how the whole final battle scene played out. Maybe I don't like it because it challenges my expectations of what I think should happen and that's always been one of Joss's strengthens, but feels like it failed.

Even with its faults it's still a good ending to the series and seems to reset the gang and series back to before the last two big battles, back to where Buffy was a slayer, not a superhero. And...I'll still give season 9 a read, as long as its still Joss writing.

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