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Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller
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Aug 23, 2011

really liked it
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Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City
By Kirsten Miller

New Yorkers are used to seeing odd things while looking out their windows. Some things are just too weird and require further investigation. That’s how Ananka Fishbein felt one early morning when she saw that a giant sinkhole appeared overnight and witnessed a small girl with long white hair running from the crater. Ananka, leaving no time for further contemplation, threw on a coat over her pajamas and went to check out the crater herself. Little did she know that she was launching an adventure that would span years and be both dangerous and lucrative. Inside the crater was a long lost secret entrance to the Shadow City, a vast connection of tunnels and rooms built by the wealthy society members many years ago.

Ananka’s curiousity continued to grow the day she saw the small, white-haired girl in one of her classes at school. Never noticing her at the Atalanta School only sparked Ananka’s interest and she proceeded to follow the strange girl throughout town until one day when contact was made. The girl’s name is Kiki Strike and she has a plan. It seems that Kiki has a penchant for danger and adventure and she needs Ananka for her next big plan. For this plan, the duo is not enough. Kiki and Ananka hop from one Girl Scout Troop to another, looking for the missing members of their team of Irregulars. They recruit an eccentric and sometimes accident-prone chemist, a top-ranked forger, a technical genius, and a master of disguise. Once the group is together, Kiki unveils the ultimate goal of the Irregulars is to scout out the elusive Shadow City. Things don’t go according to plan on one of their expeditions and Kiki disappears. Now the remaining Irregulars are left not knowing the truth behind the mysterious girl and are soon deeply involved in a string of kidnappings, one being a princess. If Kiki does return to them, will it be a blessing or a curse?

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City is the beginning of an unstoppable comedic action series featuring intelligent, strong teenage girls. The twists and turns delivered by Miller will keep you second-guessing until the final page. At the end of each chapter, Miller has included “How To” guides including “How to Plan an Escape Route” and “How to Catch a Lie.” Look for the sequel, Kiki Strike: The Empress’ Tomb.

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