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To The Spiritually Inclined by Thurman L. Faison
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Aug 22, 11

As an individual without any traditional religious training or affiliation with any religious group, I found Rev. Faison’s book an inspiration. His words depict what I’ve always felt in my heart; that our relationship with God is personal and on an individual level, that we do not have to go through a mediator in order to speak with God. That we can speak to Him directly anywhere and at any time in our own words. That God is there for all of His children throughout the world, no matter the religious affiliation, or lack thereof. I’ve always believed God wants his children to speak to him directly from the heart, and Rev. Faison’s book supports that belief. He reinforces my belief that God’s children can be recognized by their deeds, not by their associations or pious proclamations. That our individual experiences with God are possible “without any indoctrination or adherence to any religious dogma or creed,” that “no one group or organized religious authority can fully dictate how we should follow our spiritual paths.” Rev. Faison uses scripture to support his views on faith, spirituality, and our own unique relationship with God. His approach to learning new things from old doctrine is also inspiring in that his views are of today’s world, of our present era of technology, where the things of the past appear stagnant if we don’t find ways of applying those ancient lessons into a context that meets today’s evolving world. Things change, concepts change, as our world progresses beyond the ‘dark ages.’ It was a pleasure to read the easily understood work of Rev. Faison in reference to faith and spirituality that does not ‘preach’ and condemn, but instead encourages and uplifts.

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