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Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
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Aug 27, 2011

did not like it
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Read in August, 2011

Why people are blabbering and rating this book without even reading it is beyond me. Lack of common sense, I think yes.

You all remember Sydney don't you? One of the least memorable characters from the VA series. Yup, that's our protagonist, the joy!

It never really stood a chance.

Sure in typical Richelle Mead fashion the book is fast paced, engrossing and heck of a page turner. There are those moments that have your heart racing, mentions of Strigoi that have you on edge. Things that only VA can give you, but with this comes a new series which should hardly be counted as a spin off. In my opinion it just seems a part of the VA series. You can't read this book unless you've read VA lets put it that way shall we.

We should be able to read BLOODLINES without VA but there's so much going on that links with VA and then of course you have the old characters making entrances left, right and centre, which I loved, seriously. But when the old characters are the things that you look forward to, when Adrian is the one character that seems to keep the book interesting, who really shouldn't even be in the book - as much as I adore him, makes it's obvious, something is not right.

Then there is the fact that I did not like Sydney. She never stood out to me in VA and she didn't do much for me in BLOODLINES, and since she's the MC and all, I'd say that's a tad worrying, especially since we'll have to deal with her in the upcoming books. I think many will agree with me when I say she should have not been the narrator. That was a big mistake and perhaps some may agree when I say that there never should have been a spin off series. As much as I hated how things ended in VA, I think we could have lived with it and if there was to be a spin off, no question, Adrian should have been the narrator. This story should have been his. Throughout the book I kept thinking how much Adrian was screwed over. He had been through enough, and now, it should have been his turn to tell his story. This was the perfect opportunity to let us know him better, the real Adrian.

To makes things worse Sydney was such a pushover that it got on my nerves. the way she judged everyone, and ohmygosh her over - reacting about magic really pissed me off. I understand that she's been raised a certain way but so have the others and they find her bearable, they don't judge her. And there's no other way to say this but to be straight up. The fact that during VA we had this strong, caring, determined badass chick as an MC has given us certain expectations. No matter what I think of her for what she did at the end, we respect her, admire her and to be frank, she's pretty awesome. And then we are presented with this judgemental, spineless girl who thinks she's better than everyone else and who is pretty useless in my opinion. Then we are given Jill, Lissa replacement who is even more useless. As much as I had conflicted feelings about Lissa, at least she was strong and a good friend in her own way. She hardly matched up compared to Rose but you had to respect the girl for standing up for herself, for earning respect. Jill is even more selfish and careless than Lissa. Then there is the case where you have all these guys fawning over Jill, when my thoughts are, what is there to fawn over? The whole scenario with her and all these boys just seemed out of the blue and unrealistic.

There were things that I enjoyed which mainly consisted of talk about the tattoos which I found interesting, and I liked how things weren't sugar - coated or glossed over when it came to Adrian. His anger, sadness and grief was real and I appreciated that the author made it clear how he felt, that no, he was not ok, and maybe he wouldn't be for a long time. Once again it was Adrian who really shined in this book, but I'm not so sure if I'm too fond of the direction I see his interest towards a certain someone, just no. As if not exactly liking her was bad enough, and now I have to worry about my favourite character falling for her. I know, it's close to being a disaster right? I mean what was she thinking?

I have so many conflicted thoughts on this book. Maybe I'm being unfair. Of course it's the first book in the series, and Sydney may have a lot of growing up to do, and maybe I should just accept that she's not Rose, but it's not that simple. A new series shouldn't have to count on old characters to keep readers engrossed and unfortunately I think this is exactly what happened.

You know what my first thought was when I finished the book?

I miss Vampire Academy. I think I'm going to give the books a re - read. Had this book had the desired effect I would have not felt that way. This tells me that it missed something. Maybe it missed a lot of things, but I think somewhere along the way, it missed heart. I don't know what the intention was behind this series. But if the author knows her readers then I would have thought that she would have known that Sydney is the last person you want as your narrator.

And of course the problem is that it should have been Sydney that we connected with. Adrian we already adored. Once again this gives me reason to believe that we are pretty much stuck with the wrong narrator.

I still adore VA too much to just give up on this new series just like that. I have enough hope to tell myself that maybe things will change, and characters will grow as the books go along, and I think, for now, I'll try to put my faith in the author and hope the next book gives me more of what I know I want, what other want. Most of all though, I have a feeling that the author knows exactly why myself and others feel the way we do. I'm just hoping that something is done about it and that we are blown away by the next book.

Let me just say that this is one rating for a book that I really wish I didn't have to give. The author is too talented, the series has too much potential for this to happen. In other words, prove me wrong next time around.
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message 10: by Cory (new)

Cory Is there romance in this series yet?

Aly (Fantasy4eva) Cory wrote: "Is there romance in this series yet?"

There's like three guys crushing on Jill but nothing happens. Neither of them interesting. Oh and the end leaves room for a potential love interest for Adrian, but not one I'm to happy about. 0_0

Aly (Fantasy4eva) Paige wrote: "Awesome, awesome, awesome review. My decision not to read Bloodlines feels like a good one right now because most of the things you didn't like would annoy me too.

I kind of wanted Adrian to be th..."

Yeah to be honest I can't really see this new series going anywhere. I just don't find Sydney and her story interesting. Mainly because not much is going on and she's kind of bland. I guess fans of VA like myself would read it for Adrian but I don't like where things with him are going, so I'm not really sure what to think of the series. I guess I'll read the next book just to see what happens with him, but yeah, you're not really missing out on anything.

And thank you ;)

Wendy Darling I was really disappointed by this book, too. *sigh* Nicely reviewed, Aly.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) Aly (Fantasy4eva) wrote: "Paige wrote: "Awesome, awesome, awesome review. My decision not to read Bloodlines feels like a good one right now because most of the things you didn't like would annoy me too.

I kind of wanted A..."

me too, but I want to like it, ya know? So crossing my fingers for the second. Hoping the girl gets a backbone and Adrian realises that he MUST NOT GO THERE. Because he is too good for you know who and such :P

Yngvil Thanks for the good read. Great review.
And you are absolutely right: This can not be compared with the Vampire Academy series. I'm choosing to be satisfied with a careful start, though, and is crossing my fingers in anticipation to be, in your words, blown away by the sequel.

Natalie Great review, i couldn't have said it better though, sadly enough, I have up on reading the whole book. I got up to the 12th page and the MC was undoubtedly annoying the crap out of me, she just seemed so unbelievable and fake, even her sister. I found myself forgetting about her almost instantly. Also, in my opinion, the idea of the Alchemists seemed to be lacking in interest from the first description.
You're spot in with saying that it should've been from Adrian's point if view, Sydney is bland from the first page.

message 3: by Em (new) - rated it 3 stars

Em I didn't hate this book as much as you- I gave it 3 stars- but you are right, Adrian would have been a better narrator. Also, the main thing that annoyed me about Sydney was her phobia of magic. I wanted to slap her whenever she started having panic attacks about it. I also was confused by Jill being such a hot commodity. It's funny, because the whole time I was reading the book I had the same, "Wow, I just want to read VA again" thought reoccurring. I plan on reading The Golden Lily, I am remaining optimistic that Richelle won't fail us. Completely.

message 2: by Mehrunisa (new) - added it

Mehrunisa Salim I haven't read the books but I am a huge VA fan, so I am having trouble picking up this series. I basically agree 99% with this review so with that in mind, should I read these books?

Aly (Fantasy4eva) If you're a big va fan then sure, go for it . I basically gave it a go for rose and adrian. Adrian's arc, at this point, seems to be going in the exact direction i didn't want it to. Even when there is a glimpse of rose in the book, all it does is remind me how lame our recent protag is. Personally, i wouldn't say you were missing out if you didn't read it. There's a new book that is/has come
Out in the series? I have no idea.

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