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The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman
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Apr 07, 2015

it was amazing
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Read from August 31 to September 01, 2011

My Mom did a guest review for this book on my blog, so I'll be posting her review as well as my thoughts here:

Wilma's Thoughts:
I liked this book very much. It was definitely worth the time it took to read it. Because of the recommendation from Ashley I had high expectations and this book (and Ashley’s advice) did not let me down.

I very quickly took to Nora, the main character and narrator of the book. The need she felt to prove things was a good storyline. Her inability to automatically accept things as they are and her need to question made her very genuine and believable. I found myself warming to her and being frustrated at times at some of the things she did. Because of this, her character was very realistic and easy to understand. She dealt with situations in a matter of fact manner without any histrionics or whining. Even when she was faced with the pain of losing her best friend, she never gave up and moved forward in a pragmatic way at a reasonable pace. She is very level headed and takes time to rationalize and assess each situation as it comes up.

There are other great characters in this story as well. Chris was just an all around lovable guy and (view spoiler). Eli is a character in the book that intrigued me. You are never sure if you should trust him or not but because of his endearing nature you hope he is a good guy. This definitely added to the intrigue of the story.

Two of the other characters, Max and Adriane, I never really cared for. As Nora’s girl friend and boy friend, they did some terrible things. This also, however, added to the believability of the story. It made it more credible since the things they did you could imagine it happening in real life.

'The Book of Blood and Shadow' is a bit reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. This story also has long buried secrets, coded messages, historical searches that span continents, sinister organizations, and a quest for something of the utmost religious and scientific significance that the aforementioned book has. Robin Wasserman pulls this off remarkably well. The beginning was a bit confusing but I quickly found myself completely enthralled with the story and completely reluctant to set it aside. The plot has a great balance of action sequences, peeks into history via translated notes and letters, as well as more internal struggles with grief and trust that make the entire story so suspenseful. The transition between these different sections is very smooth. This helped to make the story as a whole feel more coherent. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and even though it may be long, I ask reader to not let this deter you from reading and finishing it. You will not be disappointed.

My Thoughts:
Umm yes, I totally agree! I made some notes when I was reading this book and the first point reads "Enthralling, intriguing, devastating, wonderful". And really? That totally sums up the book. I also wrote this on Goodreads when I first finished the book: "If you enjoy foreign locations, treasure hunts, history, and relationships that will leave you reeling (and who doesn't?!), then this is definitely a book for you." So yes, pretty freaking awesome. I totally agree with my Mom that this is like the YA Da Vinci Code, because that's definitely the best surface description for it. However that doesn't fully explain the emotional intensity and character depth. I just love how this book discusses and questions truth, religion, faith, honesty, deception, love, and trust. I definitely couldn't set this one down either. It was so exciting, and it really did keep me guessing until the end.
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