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The Odyssey by Homer
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Sep 25, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: greek-lit
Read from September 01 to 25, 2011

Travel! Adventure! Monsters! A joyful bloodbath! This was way more fun than I was expecting. This translation (by Robert Fagles) was easy & enjoyable to read, and the 70(!) page introduction by Bernard Knox was fascinating. The name pronunciation guide was also very useful. Highly recommended, especially this particular edition.

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Reading Progress

09/01/2011 page 79
14.0% "Huh, it looks like we're not starting this story at the beginning. Interesting. I just assumed it would be told chronologically."
09/01/2011 page 85
15.0% "Did the concept of "potluck" REALLY exist in ancient Greece? Or is this a liberal translation? "Some wedding-feast, some festival? Hardly a potluck supper, I would say.""
09/01/2011 page 90
16.0% "Huh. Athena appeared to Telemachus as a MAN. I realized the gods often appeared as humans, but didn't realize they did it across gender."
09/01/2011 page 92
16.0% "At the end of Book 1, I have to say: this is a lot easier to read than I was expecting."
09/05/2011 page 156
28.0% "Gender issues in the love-affairs of gods?: "Hard-hearted you are, you gods! You unrivaled lords of jealousy - scandalized when goddesses sleep with mortals, openly, even when one has made the man her husband.""
09/05/2011 page 165
29.0% ""Like pebbles stuck in the suckers of some octopus dragged from its lair - so strips of skin torn from his clawing hands stuck to the rock face.""
09/08/2011 page 210
38.0% "I'm wondering what it would be like to live in a world where not only do you have to deal with gods meddling in your life, but they could also decide to just impersonate you in order to further goals that have nothing to do with you."
09/10/2011 page 230
41.0% "Incest. And no comment, either in the text itself, or the translator's end-notes. Was this unnoteworthy? "The king had sired twelve children within his halls, six daughters and six sons in the lusty prime of youth, so he gave his daughters as wives to his six sons.""
09/13/2011 page 287
51.0% "Looks like kleptocracy was alive and well in ancient Greece: "[Let's give Odysseus even MORE gifts,] Then recover our costs with levies on the people: it's hard to afford such bounty man by man.""
09/17/2011 page 361
64.0% "This sounds familiar (jerk commenting on an apparent beggar): "Oh no, he's learned his lazy ways too well, he's got no itch to stick to good hard work, he'd rather go scrounging round the countryside, begging for crusts to stuff his greedy gut!""
09/18/2011 page 383
68.0% ""I cannot fault your anger at all this. (...) But how can I plan my world in a sane, thoughtful way? These men drive me mad, hedging me round, right and left, plotting their lethal plots, and no one takes my side." - aside from the "and no one takes my side" part, THIS is why I wonder how these characters can manage in a world where the gods are constantly meddling."
09/25/2011 page 474
85.0% "Revenge! "and grisly screams broke from skulls cracked open - the whole floor awash with blood.""
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