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MW by Osamu Tezuka
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Apr 13, 2008

it was amazing
Read in November, 2007

"mw" is one violent fucked up comic book. once i'm done with this review i'm upping it to 5 stars. the fact that this even got published in the 70s is beyond me, but i really applaud tezuka for being this courageous.

anyhow, "mw" is about the two survivors of a toxic gas outbreak that wiped out the entire population of a small island in japan. the two survivors, a teenage boy named garai and a 9 year old boy named yuki, who suffers a side effect from exposure to the gas: he has no moral or conscience or sense of right and wrong.

fast forward 15 years later, garai is a catholic preist and yuki is a bank executive / total psychopath (kind of bret easton ellisish) with a twist. they are lovers and have been lovers since the night of the gas outbreak, when they first met and hid together in a cave. and so their lives since than have been pretty much like this: yuki seduces, rapes, manipulates, murders, and sometimes poses as the women he has just murdered, and garai is aware of all of this but cannot stop yuki because he is in love with him.

it's fascinating fascinating stuff. and the greater plot has a lot of the same political undertones that "ode to kirihito" had, but much more. the gas outbreak was from a military facility owned by you know who (us), and as the story unravels it moves to include a greater cast of characters in and out of power, all of whom are just run over and destroyed by yuki. there's a sequence when he sleeps with a wife and husband, one after the other, and kills them both eventually.

it's dark dark stuff, but i loved this. i sat at the porter square book store one day and just read half of it. then i bought it and couldn't fall asleep until i was done with it. one of the best books i read this year.

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