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Home Repair by Liz Rosenberg
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Aug 26, 2011

really liked it

This book was wonderful. I am thoroughly glad I picked it up at random. It was one of those hit or miss impulse check-outs from the library. I already knew what I wanted because I had put two books on hold but I figured why not look around real quick..and I just grabbed this one. And truth be told, I enjoyed it more than the holds.

This book takes place in Binghamton, NY which I thought was really cool. I love reading books that are set in Upstate New York and I rarely ever do so this was a nice treat. I've driven through Binghamton once so it was sort of easy to picture in my mind.

The story was really sweet. Typical man leaves woman out of nowhere, she is left to pick up the pieces story. But this one had a bunch of eccentric and lovable characters, and so much depth to it. There were a couple different things going on at once and lots of relationships between the characters. A few times tears came to my eyes while reading this book.

Two things bothered me though. The Helen Gallow story was never finished, imo. I didn't really get it and sort of figured it would be further explained. It wasn't. Maybe I missed something? And also, it bothered me that a few times the author would mention something about the "Downs Syndrome boy" dragging a stuffed animal around the park on a leash or else she'd call him the "retarded boy" a few times and it's just like..really? Is that necessary?
The children cheered again, and the retarded boy whistled vigorously..."
That kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I was a little offended. If not for that, I may have even given this book a higher rating.
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