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The Marked Son by Shea Berkley
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Not what I expected at all. I mean, look at the kid on the cover---he looks like Eminem or something with that hoodie and the pursed lips. He seems completely misplaced in an urban fantasy. I quit thinking of the kid on the cover, and pictured someone else, actually.

Even still, I was really caught up in his story at the beginning. It was a good setup and I was intrigued by the situation. Further into the book, things got a little sloppier, and I just didn't feel as strong of a connection with the character after that.

You know what the problem was? Suddenly, Dylan wasn't much of a guy anymore...I realized that his "voice" had changed. I wasn't reading this through the eyes of a 17 year old boy anymore (which wasn't all that believable in the first place), I was reading it from the eyes of a thinly disguised adult female. I hate it when that happens. Disillusion is the worst.

This cognizant awareness of disconnect extended into the rest of the story as well. I wasn't really "in" the book anymore, I was just watching. So, while there were a few areas that were a little vague, for the most part, the world building was surprisingly adequate. In other words, even with some holes, it was concise, and would have suffered with too much more explanation, kind of like how movies are squished into a roughly 100 minute timeframe.

All in all, even though the quality wasn't 5 star, I find I really do like the story in a lot of ways.

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