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Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
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Aug 21, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, pnr, arc, dnf, 2011, its-me-not-you

I am going to have to sadly admit that this series is not my cup of tea. I tried to like Unearthly after reading all the rave reviews but found it only okay, it didn't blow my mind like I was so sure it would. Hallowed was even less appealing to me, I read three chapters and even that was a struggle - but now I do think I'm starting to see why. I think if I happened to meet Clara in real life, let's just say she enrolled at my university, we would be friendly to one another, perhaps mumble a polite greeting when we passed in the corridor but I don't think we would ever be close friends. We have so little in common. Clara is, in many ways, the girl I have never been... nor really wish to be either (though, I would like to be able to fly).

(1) Clara is the kind of girl who will have relationships filled with sweet romance, hand-holding and utter tameness. I appreciate that this is a young adult novel and I didn't exactly expect graphic sex scenes - or, in fact, any sex at all - but "Tucker still has this notion that since I have angel blood in my veins he should try to keep my honor in tact" is practically Victorian repression.

(2) Clara cannot even admit to herself that she has the hots for Christian as well as Tucker. She dreams, daydreams and thinks an awful lot about the guy but "no, no, Tucker is my future". Who is she kidding? It's not like every reader doesn't know already that there's a whole love triangle thing going on... so why is our heroine being stupid?

(3) I read three chapters. In these chapters, apart from a quick recap of what happened in the first book, we spend all the time in the middle of Clara's daydreams of marriage and babies. Or experiencing kissing Tucker through Clara's mind, which is naturally out of this world, sensational, practically orgasm-inducing... or seeing visions of Christian, which is just bad, bad, bad.

(4) And why oh why did this book get so biblical? Three chapters, I must remind you, and I don't know how many times I heard about god and the bible. Look, my religious beliefs aside, everyone is fully entitled to believe what the hell they want - but that doesn't mean I want to hear it about it in chapter two. And a lot.

I could read the rest of the story but I can tell we are not destined to love one another. And that's okay, right now I have so many other things to read. To anyone who is put off by my lack of chemistry with this book, navigate towards Wendy's or Tatiana's review to see how it worked out for people who "got" Clara more than I did.
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message 1: by rameau (new)

rameau To be honest, I was waiting for your review to see if I should give this a chance or not. Thank you for saving me the effort.

Emily May I'm sorry the verdict couldn't be different :(

Jasprit Sorry you didn't like this one, do you think you'll be reading the next one?

Emily May No Jasprit, I don't think there's any point really :(

Wendy Darling Sorry this series doesn't work for you, Emily. (But goodness, thanks for the shout-out!) Hope your next read is better.

Emily May You're welcome! It's definitely just a case of it not suiting me :)

message 7: by Dominika (new)

Dominika Well your arguments make me think it's not my cup of tea either... I'll still try to read the first book to see by myself, but I'm definitely buying a kindle version, too little space on my precious shelves for such a book.

Emily May LOL. You might like Unearthly because what I mentioned above isn't really a problem in that one. It was okay, I just couldn't understand the huge hype :/

Kruti It's good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way

Molly Talbert You know, I was kind of feeling the same way. I thought the first was good enough, but there was something that just didn't sit well with me. I'm trucking through this one in the hopes that I'm wrong.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

So glad I am not alone in finding the main character a bit lacking in charisma. I managed to make it through 4-5 chapters, though, before I gave up - you didn't miss anything.

Winnie Wow, I was starting to think, that maybe I’m the only being on this planet that does get the hype about this book. I was going to give up reviewing altogether, Hallowed wasn’t a good book; worst it’s the only book my BFF and I argued about.
The msg didn't sit well with me.

Brenna I completely agree with number 2. Clara says how she doesn't want to be simpering over two boys which is fine by me, but she spends a good deal of the book in denial of her feelings for Christian. Which bugs me about as much as the love triangle itself!

Emily May I agree. I really don't like it when something is made so glaringly obvious to the reader but the MC refuses to acknowledge or accept it. What's the point? It just creates unnecessary angst.

message 15: by Chrisarie (new)

Chrisarie I'm SO glad I snuck over to this books reviews before picking up this second book in the series...I was trying to decide what to do, to finish or not. Your review is very helpful, thank you!

Emily May No problem! Glad I could help :)

message 17: by LeAnn (new)

LeAnn I so agree with you. Not my cup of tea.

Christy Ngo I agree with you. But I didn't really connect to Unearthly though. I'm starting Boundless and see if it makes any difference.

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