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Library Wars by Kiiro Yumi
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Aug 22, 11

Read from August 21 to 22, 2011

On the one hand, the Library Wars series continues to display a pretty frustrating number of moments where it patronizes and belittles its female characters. I haven't read enough shojo manga to know if this is just a convention of the genre or what, but...yeah. Not so much a fan of that aspect.

On the other? It's gun-toting librarians defending Japan from the evils of censorship. HOW CAN I NOT KEEP READING IT.

Conflicted I remain, but so far, my starry-eyed enjoyment over the premise continues to win out. On to Volume 4!

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message 1: by Gramarye (new) - added it

Gramarye The manga definitely shoujo-izes the character relationships, playing up the romance to the admitted detriment of the overarching plot. It's a one step forward, two steps back feeling at times to read the manga and compare it with the light novels, which are much better at blending the growing romance into the action and give much more character development to the ladies. (Peeking ahead to my own copy of Vol. 4, there's an obnoxious chapter that wasn't in the original, and I tend to skim it whenever I go back and re-read the volume.) But I agree that the premise still continues to win out over the annoyances in the manga.

Beth The light novels haven't been translated yet, right? If they have, where should I look for them?

message 3: by Gramarye (new) - added it

Gramarye They're being fan-translated at the rate of about a page a day, at The excellent translator has finished the first two books and is midway through the third book, Toshokan Kiki (Library Crisis). I haven't heard any word on official light novel releases, though, and light novels are so much of a niche market that it's hard to imagine who would pick them up.

Beth Ah-hah! I knew you'd mentioned that translator in the past, but I couldn't remember the LJ and whether it was for these novels or another set. Thank you much!

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