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Bloodlines by John Piper
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Aug 21, 11

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BLOODLINES:Race, Cross, and the Christian

By John Piper

Physical differences should not divide the Church. Just as God judges the people of the world with equity so should the Church. All are deserving of God’s gift of salvation! Jesus’ ministry was not ethnocentric, He came for the New Israel whose people are not determined by an ethnic tag but by their link and belief in Jesus.

As today’s world becomes more urban, ethnic diversity is increasing and the need for ethnic and racial harmony is a necessity. The growth of today’s Church is in the Global South while its presence in Europe is diminishing.

Since the 1950’s mainstream America has seen a rapid decline in morals across the racial divide at the same time God is disappearing for the American life. But there can be no racial blame cast because it is sin and everyone has committed sin and blame has never saved a single soul! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to the moral quagmire we find ourselves willingly being sucked into.

The Gospel is not political; it supports no political agenda. It does support God and the salvation that is offered to all people through Jesus’ death on the cross. The Gospel can break the binds of pride that separate the harmony that God intended for all of humanity.

True Christianity does not persecute or advance by the sword, but by love, prayer and thoughtful persuasion. Without the Gospel and the hope for a life after this individuals pursue their own good over that of the whole of humanity. For our good we must forgive instead of blame and we must love instead of hate. We were all, (man and woman) of every ethnic group, made in the image of God to deny this is sin! And all of humanity must realize we are all dying of the same disease and that disease is sin. There is but one cure the blood of Christ which was shed upon the cross and it is freely given to anyone that accepts it!

Racism will come to an end when according to Colossians 3:11 “Christ is all, and in all,” because when you turn to Christ and He comes into you it will be evidenced by your treatment of others of a different race. A true believer who has Christ as the central focus of their life is unable to shun, disparage, or hate another because they are different. We must become dead to everything except Christ so that we can show the love of Christ to everyone without exception! This is not a new problem even Peter behaved differently towards the Gentile believers when Jewish believers were present. Showing partiality towards a certain type of person is sin and it reveals the evil lurking within our hearts.

Diversity in the fellowship of believers shows the power of Christ. From one man came all peoples. God is not against interracial marriage as is evidenced by his judgement upon Arron and Miriam questioning of Moses’ fitness in leading when he had a wife that was a Cushite.

The greatest problem in America is Chronological Snobbery when we judge other generations sins while glossing over our own as not that bad. Sin is sin in the sight of God and the only way to break free is to turn to Christ and to look to Him as our example!

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