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Bear Volume 2 by Jamie Smart
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Sep 13, 2011

really liked it
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Read in August, 2011

This book took me a long time to read. I misplaced it at least once, and it would slip my mind to pick it up when I did know where it was. Karen's patience with how long I take to read books she lends me should be applauded.

If I had taken another week to read this book it would have suffered some heavy water damage from when my ceiling developed a leak during the pretty non-eventful Hurricane Irene that got every in a tizzy here in New York. Instead I finished it, removed it from my nightstand and gave it back to Karen, so the book was safe!

Here I was going to link to Karen's review of the book, but she never reviewed it. I thought she would have something great to say but there is no review so I better just say my own not-so-great things about a enjoyable collection of dark and humorous comics.

This is bear as a plush doll.

He lives in a house with a slackerish loser and a homicidal cat named Loosh. This is him, also as a plush doll.

Loosh enjoys torturing Bear, looking at pornography and playing with dead animals. Sort of like what the kids in "Family Circus" like to do when they aren't mispronouncing words for uncomical reasons or trespassing on their neighbors property while leaving arrows behind them.

Bear is sort of the less popular sibling of comics like Lenore and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, comics that seem to be Goth, but always with a certain tongue in cheek laughing at the whole Goth thing (which confuses me to the popularity of comics like there to goth kids (or in the past, I don't know what goth kids like now, I think they like Manga because that is what the retarded looking mopes that come into the store all read, but they might not be a good sampling), since goth kids always seemed to be the most humorless sad sacks or pretentious wankers in the world, thus they either would find nothing really that funny or they would take themselves and their affectations so seriously that I can't imagine them deriving any kind of mirth from being the butt of a joke (which they walk around as the butt of the joke to most people, so the feeling might be so 'normal' to them that it wouldn't derive any reaction to them), unless they do find it funny when they are being ribbed as long as it's in the form of a comic book.

Oh, you and that little girl reading on the chair are dirty whores! I was trying to look up something and getting that splash page. Damn you!!

Oh, now it's working again. I had the great idea to link instead to Karen's review for the first volume of bear, figuring the number one reviewer on must have at least reviewed that one, but nope. I'm stranded here. She must have read these before her march towards reviewer domination began.

I liked the first volume better actually. But I liked this one too. I think that the jokes started to get a little old at times, and the author was pretty open about this in the 5 to 7 page stories. What I was expecting in this volume was that towards the end the strip was going to be wrapped up and in the last quarter what had been a series of stand alone stories started to develop something of a story arc leading to a finale of sorts.

I feel like I owe this book a better review than I've given it, since I did take three years to read through it in its entirety. I suck, but these comics don't. Especially if you like excessive cartoon violence and tasteless jokes.
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karen wait wait wait.

why don't i own those stuffed animals.

this is not rhetorical.

Greg I didn't know they existed until about twenty minutes ago when I did a google image search.

The Loosh one is very cute.

karen this is very upsetting to me.

karen yes, feel free to buy them for me. that's a good boy.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh, you and that little girl reading on the chair are dirty whores!

I think we should make t-shirts.

Kwesi 章英狮 Goodie! I love the plushie.

karen buy one for him, too, greg...

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