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Seven Point Eight  by Marie Harbon
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Sep 04, 2011

really liked it

This is a great science fiction book for those interested is mind power/control. The main characters, Max, Tahra, and Paul, are embroiled in a project that allows one to project his/her consciousness to different areas of the world as well as, they soon find out, outside of this Earth. Tahra is the character who is able to carry out this incredible feat. The reader will enjoy exploring the author's idea of different planets in both our and other solar systems; Tahra sees new "entities" and meets the ultimate entity, angel like entities, at the very end of the book.

There is also a different part to this novel, one concerning romance. Max is a womanizer, he isn't a character one would expect to be faithful. He does the nasty with several women-partly out of sexual frustration at Tahra's refusal. He repeatedly attempts to secure a relationship, going so far as to offer marriage, to Tahra. Tahra, who is very inexperienced and more mature, repeatedly refuses...she wants more from a partner. Paul is much older than Tahra, two decades to be exact; however, he is much nicer and is drawn to Tahra, despite his relationship with another woman.

The characters vary in their likableness. The reader will most likely enjoy Tahra's character, she is both smart and sweet; however, the reader will not find Max's character nearly as palatable. The plot is unusual, different, and in part, pure science fiction. The reader may have to reread several passages in the book to make absolutely sure he/she understands the concepts acknowledged in the book. This book was a quick read for containing so many chapters, the book would be great for young adult/adult readers who enjoy science fiction with a hint of romance.

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