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The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Miller Haines
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Aug 23, 2011

really liked it
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Okay this book is a 3.5 read, because of that you may think I would've rated it 3 stars instead of 4 but i need to make something clear. My definition of 3 stars is a purely average read. This book wasn't an average read, it was very enjoyable. Which is a shame because it isn't even a bestseller and this book is better than a lot that are. Now for my review.

Iris's dad is a navy veteran who is crippled and in the detective agency. After her mom's recent suicide, her old life has fallen apart around her and she is transfered- brace yourself- TO PUBLIC SCHOOL. Oh the daily horrors iris must go through, the nightmare of being with people from the lower and middle class *gasp*. Okay okay, sarcasm over I really couldn't help it. So anyway when a kid in her school goes missing and her dad is assigned to the case, iris decides to get involved. But no one in 1942 wants their daughter helping out in a man's business. So soon iris is lying to her friends, sneaking out, dancing at-brace yourself- negro clubs((GASP!))and doing anything to find out the truth.

So people here's what I thought. This book was strangely interesting, even though things like racism were present I still found this book enjoyable. The mystery was entertaining and smooth and it had you asking the right question: "Where the hell is tommy?" Iris makes mistakes but she wasn't ever portrayed to be perfect. Her dad tries her hardest to protect her, even though he doesn't really know how to. That's another thing I liked about this book: iris's relationship with her dad. Even though they argued at times, you could tell they loved each other and sometimes my heart(or whatever that cold thing is) was warmed. I also liked her relationship with suze, pearl and the rainbows. But one of the things I loved most was when Iris came to realize that some of her old friends were really sick twisted and manipulative.

So all and all, this book was good. Would I reccommend it? Yeah, but depends on what type of books you prefer to read.

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08/20/2011 page 157
45.0% "I don't know why I'm getting pissed off people mention that she *gasp* went out with a colored boy or that she went to a negro club. It takes place in 1942 when people were still idiots and believed that skincolor mattered. But for some reason, my blood still boils."
08/21/2011 page 224
64.0% "Your lies are building up like a stack of cards iris and pretty soon, they're going to become unsteady and fall right on you. Considering this, i really hope things end well for this protagonist, I actually like her."

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