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The Genesis Key by James Barney
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Aug 20, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: adventure, friendship, hidden, history, middle-east, murder, mystery
Recommended to Meagan by: James Barney
Recommended for: Adventure lovers, thrill seekers
Read on January 01, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1


By James Barney

In September of 1979 Daniel and Becky Talbot are on the cusp of discovery. They have given the last 5 years of their life to an archaeological dig at Tell-Fara, Iraq to prove that Tell-Fara is more than a Ziggurat. But on the eve of Saddam Hussein’s rise to power their dreams may be short lived.

Dr Kathleen Sainsbury, a world class biologist, works at Quantum Life Sciences(QLS) trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and other age related dementias. When Washington Post reporter Bryce Whittaker does a story on new biology start-ups in the D.C. area, QLS is on the list, but when the interview is over he asks Kathleen out. Kathleen has never had good luck in the dating game so she reluctantly agrees to go out with him. Later that night, while Kathleen and her QLS co-workers are celebrating the Post interview, Kathleen is secretly photographed by Semion Zafer.

After Kathleen’s date with Bryce there is a message on her phone from Tariq Al-Fulani who claims to have known her parents and that it is urgent that they meet tonight! With misgivings Kathleen goes to the location he mentioned and finds out that he is not who he claims to be. Rather he is Hakeem Abdul Sargon the former Director of Antiquites in Iraq until 1979. Sargon's family was murdered the day Saddam Hussein came to power the day before Kathleen's parents were murdered! Sargon witnessed the attack on the Talbots and then killed their murderers. When he searched the rubble for his friends he discovered the hidden chamber that Becky and Daniel believed was there. The ziggurat was no ziggurat but instead a massive tomb with a massive sarcophagus. Within the sarcophagus Sargon found an object that he has kept hidden all these years, an object that he feels he must give to Kathleen. He asks Kathleen to come in the morning that there is more to tell but overnight Sargon dies under suspicious circumstances and Kathlenn is questioned by the FBI.

Kathleen then searches for a Dr Charles Eskridge whom Sargon mentioned. When Kathleen finds him she shows him the symbol Sargon found on the sarcophagus. A symbol that Dr Eskridge translates as THE LAST NEPHILIM. Dr. Eskridge then reads Genesis 6:1-4 to Kathleen which speaks of the Nephilim as human hybrid which would have explained the longevity of humanity before the Great Flood. Does the tooth that Sargon found in an ancient tomb hold the key that Kathleen has been searching for?

When Kathleen returns to QLS she tasks Julie and Jeremy with testing the tooth searching for its DNA! While Kathleen spends Easter Sunday with Bryce and her Grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s Jeremy is hard at work. While Bryce and Kathleen are still in Annapolis, Jeremy calls. He’s found a complete intact DNA strand. But after hanging up Jeremy is attacked by Zafer, who demands the DNA sample! As Jeremy tries to escape Zafer shoots him in the back. As he comes in to finish Jeremy off Kathleen arrives to check out Jeremy’s progress and Zafer leaves.

While FBI assists with Jeremy’s shooting because Kathleen is a common factor in two crimes, Julie and Kathleen work on sequencing the DNA strand Jeremy found. Hours later they find the longevity gene an ancient deactivated retrovirus hidden away by time.

But when Bryce Whittaker breaks a story that QLS has found the gene for long life everything comes apart. Kathleen’s life is on the line and her trust in many people is shattered. There are secret organizations and governments out to control what she has found. What could be a miracle to some is seen as financial collapse by major world governments and a perversion of the human race many people. Will her discovery see the light of day or will it be stolen away in the night?

While Kathleen struggles to decide what she should do, she is in a fight for her life as some of the very people she thought were trying to protect her seem to have turned against her. Who can she turn to as the sample that could give her Grandfather his life back is destroying so many that get in its path? Does Genesis hold the key that will lead her to the truth?

This exciting fast paced debut novel is sure to capture even the most reluctant reader’s attention. This is excitement at its best and hopeful the start of many equally thrilling works from a talented new author.
I, for one, look forward to James Barney’s next work.


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