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Blood Hunt by Christopher Buecheler
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Aug 20, 2011

it was amazing
Read in August, 2011

* * totally subjective review disclaimer alert!
Since I am married to the author, I cannot pretend to be at all objective, though I will try… but I hope this helps people form an idea about Blood Hunt, the follow-up to The Blood that Bonds, and what they can expect from it. I am also trying to avoid spoilers (which may make the review a little vague, since the books are quite plot-driven), but if you haven’t read The Blood that Bonds, beware! **

The Blood that Bonds ended on a bittersweet note: Two and Tori have been rescued from the grip of the elder Abraham, but they have lost much in the process – Two lost the man she loved, and Tori years of her life. Returned to humanity, both women try to cope with their new situation. Each in her own way is having a hard time fitting in, or even knowing if fitting in is what she wants. It isn’t long however before their old life catches up with them, and once again they find themselves the pawns of forces much greater than they have a chance to comprehend, forced to make choices with consequences difficult to predict.

Blood Hunt is a much more ambitious book than The Blood that Bonds in that its vampire universe gets fleshed out a lot more than previously, which was a major attraction for me. It also demands a little more of the reader, as the story is less linear – that’s another thing I liked… But as far as I’m concerned, the main improvement was that we got to know the protagonists better, and to understand why they were the protagonists in the first place. Freed from the shackles of the blood craze (Tori) and from both addiction and fairy-tale love (Two), the two women must make their own decisions. Don’t mistake me, that still doesn’t mean that they can do anything that they want (they are as I said caught in a situation that is much bigger than they can hope to control, AND they are flawed characters influenced by their own psyches), but there is real character growth in the story in addition to the plot’s twists. Someone else commented that the story was a good balance of fantasy (it is a vampire story after all!) and real characters, and I must echo this. The book is definitely on the entertaining side of what I read, and it is really really good at precisely that -- being fun without being totally mindless.

And on the UNABASHEDLY subjective side: the author totally rocks and you should support him!
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message 1: by Tasha (new) - added it

Tasha Can not wait to read....September hurry up!!!!! ;)

Melissa Ditto!!!

Melanie Bleile I'm ready for this one! Love TBTB!!

Melissa just got happy and loving it so far!

Keren Hughes I finished reading it yesterday, what an epic book!!!

Jennifer Gilliland very nice!

Autumn Higgins i loved this book! I cant wait until the third one!

Brandy Blackerby I love this book & Author CANT W8 for CHILDREN OF THE SUN!!

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