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Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
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Aug 20, 2011

it was amazing

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Quotes Michelle Liked

Josephine Angelini
“She decided that if Lucas was gay then she was going to have to get a sex change operation. He would be so worth it.”
Josephine Angelini, Starcrossed

Josephine Angelini
“How do you know all this about me?" Helen sputtered. Claire sighed.
"After I pushed you off the roof..." she began.
"After you WHAT?" Lucas yelled.”
Josephine Angelini, Starcrossed

Josephine Angelini
“I only have so much willpower, Helen," he whispered. "And since you apparently sleep in the most ridiculously transparent tank top I've ever seen, I'm going to have to ask you to get under the covers before I do something stupid.”
Josephine Angelini, Starcrossed

Josephine Angelini
“You've got the killer instincts of a houseplant.”
Josephine Angelini, Starcrossed

Josephine Angelini
“So what are you doing next Friday night?"
"What have you got in mind?"
"We could try hitting each other with cars," she suggested cheerfully.
"Did that last weekend with Jase," he said with mock regret.
"Go to the zoo and throw ourselves to the lions?" she fired back quickly, desperate to keep him focused on her rather than his caved-in chest.
"The Romans sort of wore that one out. Got anything original?"
"I'll think of something," she warned him.
"Can't wait!”
Josephine Angelini, Starcrossed

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