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Nauti and Wild by Lora Leigh
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Aug 20, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Nauti Kisses
John Calvin Walker Jr. Sierra Lucas Marlena

John, successful lawyer; family had taken Sierra in, and she is like a sister to him – until she turned 18, and it’s a struggle to keep his hands to himself… and Marlena – comes from a family with a name in Boston, but no money left - John is unhappy – his career isn’t satisfying, and his engagement is getting cold… he’s having dinner with snooty Marlena, when Sierra comes in with his best friend Gerard - and Sierra lets it drop that Gerard was coming out of Marlena’s apartment that morning…

John goes home, when marlena shows up he breaks the engagement – he drinks many shots of whiskey – and then Sierra shows up… and they start to make out (he thinks to scare her off), but then it gets serious – and they have oral sex… and then he starts to have sex with her – she a virgin (though he thought she’d had lovers) – and then he falls asleep after penetration… the next day, when he sees her he has forgotten about sex – and she is hurt… and he leaves for his father’s home state of Kentucky and to rent one of the Nauti boy houseboats… She is very tearful for months, and finally starts to get her life back together… and for the year, they both dream of one another, forsaking all other s- though John doesn’t know his dreams were real…until… Sierra is attacked in her home… so John (with the covert help of the Nauti boys) takes her back to the Nauti boat… and he makes it clear to her that now she belongs to him (yeah – those Nauti boys take command)… and they finally make love… and they decide to draw out her attacker … and it ends up to be marlena – mad because their marriage was her guarantee into the mafia side of her family and it’s power and influence… but, the Nauti boys come to the rescue in a nick of time… and Sierra & John are to live happily…. Ever… after…

Riding the Edge –
Ava Vargas, General Grange Lee, Rick Benetti, Bo, Lacey

Wild Riders – under General Lee – kind of a bike riding Mod Squad – Rick was about to go to jail, and Lee offered him a different life – and for 10 years he was working on the right side of the law… Ava is a Senator’s daughter, just earned her master’s degree and is worried about her best friend Lacey – they have known each other since Kindergarten… and were college roommates until last year, when Lacey dropped out to join with Bo and the Hellraisers.. so Ava decides to join Lacey for Hell Week in Las Vegas – a week of motorcycle gangs… and Rick is assigned to go undercover (Hellraisers was his old gang, and their head Bo is his cousin) to protect Ava…

Ava – with parents more concerned with looks than with her – she is straight laced, overly controlled, Lacey has been her only close friend, a few unsatisfying lovers, organized, wants to be a social worker and to help others… Rick makes it back into the hang fairly easily – Bo happy to see him & his cover holds up (they make it clear that when they split up to jail 10 years earlier, there was no obligation to follow up with one another)… and within a few days of hanging with Lacey (pawned off on Rick), Ava realizes she has made her own choices, and they are too different now… she’ll be there if Lacey ever needs her, but it is time to walk away.

And Ava and Rick… Rick is quite gentlemanly with Ava, deferring sex that they both want until the time is more right… and finally they do… and there are insecurities on both side… Ava goes to Mexico with Lacey, for two night at a hotel /spa… and Rick follows them, seducing Ava on the beach where sheis hanging out when Lacey is sleeping it off… then Rick follow Bo mid party to see him receive a shipment and place it in hidden compartments in Lacey’s car… Lacey has been his unknowing mule… Rick takes the cocaine out of the car, places it in Bo’s motorcycle’s bags, and arranges for DEA to be at the border… the women get through fine, then Rick gets through okay, and then Bo gets arrested – as Lacey watches, and Rick tells her what he did, and she sees the bad choices she made, wants to be alone, and Ava leaves on the back of Rick’s bike… At her apartment, they have sex… she tells him she loves him… he knows that he isn’t good enough, and he still is lying, so he walks away…

And Ava’s father comes to visit, and she realizes that the undercover he sent was Rick, and when she tells her father to bring Rick to her, he tells her that Rick isn’t good enough for her… and two weeks later, Rick is moping at General Lee’s – and Lee tells him to go after the woman, and Rick finds her when Ava is on campus and trying to map out her PhD school, Rick quickly says it all, what he was doing, that he loves her, and that he was sorry to hurt her… and she wraps her arms around him and she finds out his home base is Texas, so she’s going to school in Texas… and… they… live… happily… ever… after….


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