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Some Girls by Jillian Lauren
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Aug 20, 2011

did not like it
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Read from August 20 to 21, 2011

Okay, so I know it's rude to judge someone's memoir, but if they publish their life story, I feel it's okay to judge them. They could just keep these things private if they don't want my judgements.

That said, I was so totally disappointed by this book. It was lousy. I had expected something to be learned from this tale, or at least leave the book with the idea of "Now I am prepared!" but there wasn't even that in it. It was just one huge monologue on this girls' horrible life as a middle-class up-and-coming, spoiled, wretched, hates-herself actress, who makes bad decision after bad decision and then blows them off with some more parties.

These are the people I loathe so much... if you want to do something, why not just DO it? I understand that it's hard, but once you've done it the sense of accomplishment is so much greater! UGH! This book left such a bad taste in my mouth.

I really wonder why I even bothered to continue to read, let alone finish it. I suppose in a way I was hoping for something, anything, even a tiny little grain of advice or glamour or anything that could justify the really super disturbing life that this person has led. The fact that she ends up adopting, just like how her 'real parents' did, doesn't make up for all her other negative thoughts, self-loathing and so on.

I would also like to point out that this title is misleading. She says that her life was in a harem, but that which I have come to understand what a harem is, isn't that you can come and go whenever you want. And that the prince might just only look at you or whatever, and not even take you sexually. As a harem girl, you are the prince's property, something I felt never actually came across. Jillian made her life sound glamorous, vaguely dangerous and very distasteful, but never did she make it sound like she hated it. She hated herself for doing it, but not the life itself. And then she'd go back for more; trying to get more money out of the rich prince.

There are no moralities, no values and nothing of any consequence to be taken away from her life story. It was a huge disappointment. I wish I had listened to some other GoodReads reviewers and left this book alone. That's a whole afternoon and evening of lost reading time. And probably lost brain cells too.
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17.0% "So far the storyline is pretty disjointed and jumping all over the place. And the main character talks like she has morals, and yet acts like she has none at all... it's a conundrum so far."
28.0% "Yep, still really boring and disjointed. Yet it's a fast read, so I'll probably keep going."
56.0% "This story is depressing me big time. Especially after having just broken up with my boyfriend. I think I should shelve this one... Or read the rest in a few weeks. It is really no good."
94.0% "Oh god.. can this horrible book be over yet?"
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