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Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney
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Aug 19, 2011

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Passing by the shelf in Barnes & Noble that contains book covers with spirals of fire and bony fingers reaching out of swamps, I thought to myself "Huh, these 'Last Apprentice' books look interesting. The art is certainly cool, and I have been needing a good fantasy that brushes on nostalgia with witches and ghouls. Lets try it out."

I am happy to report that nostalgia is delicious, if not youthful and not excellently written.

Coming from an era of concepts such as Shadow Eaters and Time Benders and other made-up fantasy creatures that tend to staple the whole book (not always a bad thing), its refreshing to see something old with a newish twist. Witches? Cool. Ghouls? Yep. Ghosts? Definitely. All things that have been ingrained in society to the point where they maintain the form of clay: anyone can really shape them how they please. In "Revenge of the Witch", Joseph Delaney sticks to the traditional while adding a few new twists here and there. Full moons help evil things, chanting in front of mirrors at night is...evil, and possession is a pretty real threat (Are YOU tired of being possessed? Just Dial-A-Priest!). All good things, with an interesting, albeit well-used plot. Kid comes under the wing of some wise master, the whole thing sucks at first, bad things happen quicker then they should have, yadda yadda. Known but still enjoyable. Worn but not yet old.

Writing. Mm, where to begin. Well, being 17 and intelligent, I can say that the writing will not wow you or impress you or suck you into beautiful passages of moors and towns and faces. Its passable, but if the reading level scale was from 1-10 (1 being Cat In The Hat, 10 being The Selective Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson) I would soundly give it a 5. Nothing to coo about, but nothing choppy and inconsistent either.

On the topic of youthfulness, this book is probably for a younger audience. I enjoyed it, but I'm strange. Make sure you think hard about your tolerance for lower level books, because it's still recommendable to a group of older individuals.

Tasteful plot direction, interesting concepts, passable writing. I'm truly interesting in seeing what the series has in store and will make sure to review each one as goes.


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