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Private by James Patterson
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Aug 19, 2011

it was amazing
Read in August, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Loved this book. Typical James Patterson for me. Pick it up to read a few chapters, then get into it and I tell myself I will just read the first part, but no, I want to read at least 1 chapter from part 2. And next thing I realize I am at part 3. Needless to say, had a very, very hard time putting this book down.

Jack Morgan, a former Marine pilot, owns/runs Private, an investigation firm around the world. The story opens up with murder of a really good friend and former lover of his, Shelby Cushman. Andy, her husband and best friend of Jack, hires Private to find out who murdered her. This was no random murder and she was killed in her house and nothing was taken and only the room she was murdered in was destroyed. This story tracks down the murder and what Shelby was doing to get herself killed.

Private was also asked by the city, pro-bono, to help work on a series of teenage girls that have been killed over the past two years. You see how the relationship between the police and a private company interact with each other. The cops do not like any outsiders invading on their business but, eventually they come to terms and agree to work together. Not to mention, Private can process evidence much faster and can bend the rules a bit. Come to find out the murders are an off-line game that is being played in real life. They figure out who is going to be killed next but, can they stop it in time and can they convice the police of this as there is a bunch of 'if this and if that' scenerios.

Finally, Jack's Uncle Fred who works for the NFL hires him to do investigate some gambling that is going on. They think games are being thrown that have no chance what-so ever and they can not go to
the commissoner with their hunches as they do not have proof at all.

Throw in the mob who was involved in some of the cases, and who is trying to hire Private to do some work for them. Jack does not want to do any work for them and be associated with them at all but, not everything works out the way you would like. 'Never a better friend, never a worse enemy', motto of the Marines and conicidently told to him by a mob member.

Add some romance---Shelby his former lover who was killed and he is trying to find out who murdered her and why they would do that as Shelby is liked by everyone. Justine, another former lover who he use to live with but, now they work together at Private. And finally the Irish Colleen, his current love interest who works for him and wants more from him than he will be able to give and knows it.

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